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Nice wonderful app awesome this is the first app I am rating bcz of its good features Marvelous

This app comprehends what I say better than Microsoft's Cortana. Luv the app, no more writing notes, yeah! Thanks guys Great job

Best part is.. It doesnt only grasp english.. It types all the spoken hindi words too.. Kya baat hai Mr. Developer !!! Recommend

This is gonna be the first app I'm rating 5 star.... It recognises accurately even if whisper . Like you are talking in someone's ear.. hats off to devlopers Surprisingly


it's difficult to judge under 1 aspect. the app seems to be low overhead, recognizes with some fatigue. positive that has offline language choices. negative Could find a way to turn off the annoying bliping. Don't want the app to access my calendar. Its not sensitive enough. doesn't have commands like back space, select all, delete. otherwise it s cute to play with Fantastic

بجد برنامج كويس جدا تحت تجربه رائع يوحد به العربيه wow lol

I have needed an App like this... like I have needed my right arm and hand to hold a pen and write with. ("A keyboard? How quaint." Commander Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer, USS Enterprise NCC-1701, in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home). I have used Dragon Dictate for dictations, but I am not always in front of my MAC. I have a digital recorder that works with Dragon Dictate, but the translation part of the software does not perform as well as I would like it too. A lot of times upon waking up in the morning I will have thoughts and ideas that need to be jotted down. With an Android Tablet and the Voice Notes software up and running, I have dictated such thoughts, ideas and inspirations, while I am making the bed. My only wish is that when one connects their Android device to a computer it would recognize it as a storage device without having to run any third party software to make that connection. It would make the transfer of files much more user friendly. I know that OS is not your department, but perhaps someone can persuade Mr. Scott to upgrade the OS so that it can do this. That is....if he is not to busy beaming up any humpback whales for time travel back to the 23rd century. Omg

به درد مخور ترین برنامه ای در تمام زندگی دانلود کردم ،مثال میگم بنویس برو ای گدای مسکین... نوشته برو برای گدا م٬سکن Worth a go!

عالیه،زبان فارسی هم داره،دمتون گرم Good

Excellent app for note taking. I drive a lot and can't stop every time I need to remember to write something, so it is perfect for me . Thanks to the development team for a convenient and very easy app to use. Also one hand operation. Awesome work guys! Thank you. Flawless

it's so easy to take memo without difficult typing on the phone. and the reminder feature is great, I just speak it. Not bad

I like the new feature to prompt time-setting , after I speak memo. It's more flexible and easy to set reminder time. Go well

عالی بود برنامهای دیگه هم دارید Perfect

I like the app but stupid me does not know how to return to the the microphone after it switches to text, Thank you for quick reply, I did not know I had a back button. I downloaded the "Back Button" no root app from playstore. because removing my case did not resolve my problem like it did for others. Learned something today. Thank you. Great!

I like the app but stupid me does not know how to return to the the microphone after it switches to text, Omg

Recogniging almost all the words in my reginol language telugu but not some. Please make it as a paragraph bcz even a small gap in audio it will start new line and new reminder. I surprised and love it Works perfectly

انا مش مهت غير لوقتي وانضم وقتى اسا تطبيق مبين علي بجنننننن Great job

Great! This is what i want. It uses very little memory, but work very fast, good speech recognition, easily share message to friends Works great

This app is really good. Fast recognition, accurate, and I like the calendar function. Keep a lot memo to remind me Go well

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