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Good but not Great I like how to app imitates all what you say, But there are 2 things you my can do to have more 5 star ratings. 1st add a Male voice. There's only female. 2nd add more effects. Let yourself get Inspired by movies and games. Not bad

This was such a good app for you could not only change your voice, but also you could share it with everyone which was awsemone.The thing that I would want the all to improve is so there can be more effects! A**** Well done!!

I loved the app in the start. But i am unable to share me recordings to any place. Like WhatsApp, Gmail etc. Please help? Worth it!

I think this game is so much fun and it's funny too. It's great for pranks, party's, or simply just for fun. I love playing this game and you should too! Works perfectly

I had it on my older phone for a year or so and now I have it on my new one bedside I use it so much and I can't stop having fun with it!! Great great app. Superb!

Pretty cool! Sometimes I would talk backwards and play it in backwards to hear real words! Awesome

Adorei a aplicativo! Interface limpa e intuitiva. Permite armazenamento no cartão de memória. E claro é muito divertido Works great

Funny noises something sound the exact same but cool, i would say for you guys to add more voices like baby,white noise, and Elmo Fantastic

I like how this app works...but some of the effects are ridiculous...optimus prime does not sound like the one in the app!...and I hate it when they pronounce the things too fast as we type or say it!...can you guys add a feature where we can adjust the pace of the words spoken...thanx Great!

It's Funny For Kids,Teens Even Adults And It's Good For It Be Useful For The Thing You Love (That Made No Sense XD) Brilliant

Nice effects, but Death, Dragon, Evil Puppet etc. All sound very familiar. I think the Death one should have a much more echoey scratchy voice, Dragon should be super loud, superior, scratchy. Same with the fly, shrinking, and small person etc. They all have super squeaky voices Make them differ And maybe add a girl voice and a man voice so you can just be plain man or plain girl :p Its very good and I like how you can record it, so I can now troll people with the zombie voice. love it

It would have been helpful if we could record it for more time ,10 minutes sometimes seems less. Otherwise the app is just beautiful Pretty good

I have seen a few "Voice Changers", and this is the only one that will change your voice. I don't recommend the "Create Voice from Text", it's better to use your own voice. Recommend

Excellent! Very simple, but perfectly effective to have fun. Isn't an app to do a pro job, is just for have a moment of fun and tease your friends. Keep the good work. Not bad

Nice but they all kind of sound the same if you change it up a little bit I would rate it 5 stars Go well

This is the best app! You don't need to talk or to record your own voice in order for this app to change your voice. All you have to do is to type what you want to say and.... That's all! You git my 5 Star, greetings from Philippines Awesome

Is so amazing you should try it I prank my brother and it was funny because he actually thought it was really happening so downloaded it is a great app Perfect!

Simple, straight to the point, yet entertaining. It also allows you to save your recordings. Download and have fun with this voice changer app. Surprisingly

Wow wow wow!Amazing so cool voice effect in the app I recommend to all to download it too much good app loved it. wow lol

Its good. Doesn't crash. Thank god. Yes it has ads but what doesn't now a days. It does what it says its gonna do. Brilliant

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