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Hey there I was finding an app yo merge my vids and I found it cause VMER is the best video merger If you find this app it means no need to roam in play store for mergers And I reccomend you me my mother my dad my dog my girlfriend my ex girlfriend my bird the stray dog the homeless my neighbor everyone this is the best merger ever Worth a go!

I really love this app a lot....It is way better than all other cheap & fake apps..It offers you to save the video as u created..For free☺️☺️☺️ Recommend

Finally a good app i must say!Till now i hav installed and uninstalled atleast 12-13 apps and they were all stupid... Ya while merging it takes time but yeahhh it works! Just wow

Super great app all the other merging app sucks except for this app. Im really glad you made this app and I recommend everyone should use it. Marvelous

An overall great app recommend getting it but it is ssslllooooowwwww either way it does what its supposed to and that's great Brilliant

I wanted this to join vids, did try a few rubbish, came across this brilliant works a treat. Perfect

YES!! I tried every single app, none worked. My vids were too short because they were converted from gif to video so I could upload it to Instagram. But Instagram doesn't take a video that's 2 seconds long. This app allowed me to merge the same video 4 times to make it longer and it worked perfectly!!! Muito bom!

Good merging and should have sound effects in future update,it should be more faster to merge vedio though it is great as it merge vedio but other apps doesn't do that also. Go well

This app is very very Awesome... And thank you very much sir for making this... After download upto 100 apps... I found this app... Up to 80 apps were fake... And others couldn't work properly.... Now I installed this app.. And that is great ... Welldone... Highly Recommend.

Hey, it worked! Gave this (and several others) a try.... the others all bombed in some manner (like NOT merging files though claiming they do.) This worked fairly painlessly... and AMAZINGLY FAST! Task was joining three segments of same movie broken up to ease upload. Great, but subtitles only worked on first seg. So merge.. well, it worked. Samsung TabA, Android 5.1. Works perfectly

Does exactly what it says except there is no way to find the destination folder or move the exported file Superb!

i like this but looding slow because very very best app wow lol

No option to select all files in one go.. have to select one by one and if the list is huge then it becomes a pain Muito bom!

The app is good but after Merging two video the merged video not proper many times OK fix it first Recommend

It is best for combining two or more videos as one clip.but it takes more time to complete. When I shared the video to others,the video is not playing in full size.the top and bottom of the video are cutting. So, fix the problem. Enjoy it!

It is best for combining two or more videos as one clip.but it takes more time to complete. Surprisingly

I love it. Like if you are doing a YouTube video and it ends in the middle of the video you can just put it together it works great Worth a go!

It does join videos but does take a long time fix it and it's a five stars from me( 5 star

I love this app, they didn't even ask me to rate the app I'm just doing it cuz the app is extraordinarily perfect. It merges within seconds Perfect!

works fine full hd merges :3 use quick pic to watch vids and es file explorer to manage files :) Fabulous!

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