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Amazing app, love that I can figure out if a wine is good before I buy it in the store. Great!

Really love being able to keep track of my wines and have fellow wine fans to compare notes with!! wow lol

Wonderful app to compare different types of wine and read about the wine you tasted. Worth a go!

Wonderful App. Makes tasting and collecting wine eazy and fun. This app shows me better ROI on my wine investments than many of my financial investments. wow lol

Forced update today and now not working. Lets me take picture then nothing happens then I can't open app Works great

Excelente aplicacion para el amante del vino, tanto para el conocedor, como para el que empieza en el mundo del vino!!! wow lol

Helpful for remembering what you've been drinking as well as where you can buy it later. I'd like the app to be more intuitive to use, but may just need a bit more getting used to. It's helpful though and quite fun. Muito bom!

Love the app, but would like a feature that as you browse through friends wines, it shows that you have drank the same wine. Similar to how Untappd make this distinction. 5 star

Great app. If you want to try new wines and increase your chances of not getting a bad bottle, try this app. Must have

A great way to share your wine tastes and learn from others around the world, too. Great app! Worth it!

Excellent app. Good for creating your own record of purchases and impressions to make re-purchasing as well as finding similar wines easier. Decent, occasionally excellent deals through the market. Well worth using if you like wine. Superb!

Cannot live without it. Vivino has helped me make the right choices when buying wines. Flawless

I hate spending money on wine only to find out it is not what they advertise. This app helps solve the problem. Just take a picture of the label and it brings up a review! Really helps when faced with hundreds of bottles of wine in a store and not sure what to buy. Great idea! Good

Very good application to track and help in selection of wines. Highly recommend. Highly Recommend.

200 bottle wine cellar from $20-$100 and it didn't recognize any of them. Perhaps I need to drink more run of the mill stuff. The app works great and is easy to use, just needs a bigger library. Works perfectly

The app is logging me in AND downloading library on each app launch. This is dumb and requires a lot of time for me to wait for app to open. Thinking of migrating to a different app. Flawless

I really like this app. It was recommended by a wine store and I have referred it to many people. Makes me look like I know what's going on in the wine world. Recommend

Great app. With the camera mode I can instantly get ratings and prices of wines I'm considering in a store or that a friend has just ordered at a restaurant. Great for keeping track of wines I've drank and very useful for researching too. Just wow

One of the most useful apps I have ever seen; recommended too all that share a love of wine and vineyards. Brilliant

Love it! Peer reviews are invaluable when buying wine cheaply and without a magazine in hand. Recommend

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