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Great app. Keeps you from loosing those hidden gems that you taste during the evening. The reviews help to get a real world sense of a wine before you buy it. Superb!

I love to have this history of tasty evenings and geographic information! Thanks for the app! Worth it!

Finally added a way to make sure you were reading reviews of the correct vintage. Amazing app! Worth a go!

Probably one of the apps that I use the most. I've always, besides drinking them, had an interest in wines. Besides which I do love to use it in a restaurant having listened to them promote a certain wine suggestion. Having then tried and tested the said wine and seen how it suited everyone along with the meal, giving it a quick scan for later. Superb!

You need to work on you camera app and its post processing. Also app crashes often. wow lol

Love the ability to keep track of the wines I've tried. App is fast at getting information on wines I have not tried. Awesome

A must for any wine fan and budding sommelier; the social aspect is very helpful. Worth it!

great app! Not only does it help remember all the wines you have but it also gives you a chance to rate them and where to buy them with the cost 5 star

The most important thing you should work on, is your camera app and its post processing. Perfect

Very helpful when I am in doubtwhich wine to choose or whenever I want to make a study of a certain wine style Flawless

Excelente! Aunque no queda claro de donde sacan los precios de los vinos, son muy variables. Recommend

Nice app to get basic reviews of wines.... but you must drink it to know it !! Cheers :) Surprisingly

Ready to use app that looks up and records notes of wine. Is able to find most wonderful quickly, even lesser known ones found traveling around Europe Cool

I really love this app. I pull it out all the time when I'm shopping for wines to compare different or new ones I want to try. It's so great and makes it possible for me to have so much fun trying new wines with confidence. I recommend it for everyone who likes wine Worth a go!

Though there were many bugs in the past, it seems vivino is like old again. Hope it stays that way, because it seems that with every update we can expect another surprise. Great!

I never remember what wines I really like, but this is a real life saver in those scenarios! Recommend

Great app to quest the thirst of wine lovers, every beginner should have this wine app and every professional must have this app. Sommelier Arun Brilliant

Great. Just started using it. So accurate. Been testing with vines from all over the world. Awesome

Great for searching for wines. Allows me to rate wines and it gives me recommendations based off what I like. Great way to keep track of wines I want to find again. Cool

My favorite features of this app are the ability to find ratings and prices for a bottle simply by taking a photo, and keeping track of what I have purchased and really love. It's a great app. Good

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