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When I try to open the app, it writes "Vivino is temporary unavailable" and does nothing. Am I the only one who faces such mistake? It started to appear a few days ago. Not bad

Easiest way to track your wines. Would like to be able to give 1/4 stars, but that is being picky. Easy to use. Must have

This app is a blessing and a curse. I can't just buy a bottle of wine anymore. This app takes a lot of the risk out of wine buying... But also a little but if the adventure. Well done!!

Almost all of the top rated inexpensive wines found using search capability are buggy, link to a different wine, or are not available. Pretty good

Should split ratings and comments per year. A 2011 cannot be compared with a 2010 ... wow lol

Very quick and easy to use. Reviews available for almost all the wines I have checked Just wow

Reliable app and informative comments. Wish the membership was not monthly but would pay for a one time upgrade. Recommend

Really enjoy this app and use it alot. Also get new users on it all the time. Just very frustrating that when I scan a wine it change an old wine to this information. When I change old wine back it changes the new wine also to this info. Happening more and more, aspecially whith wines from one cellar and it's similar looking labels but the name or cultivar is stil different. Recommend

Great app. I can keep all my wines in my online database with photos. I can share wines with friends. I can use it to decide which wines to buy at a wine store or a restaurant. Love it. Great!

Fantastic app. Big database. Very accurate and fast with the wine label recognition. And it nicely categorizes eveyrhting. Must have for wine drinkers. Superb!

Have been using this app since 2013. So far this APP has been right on. I have recommended this app to many friends and all feel the way I do. Never fails that while in a store scanning someone always comes up and is asking me to scan their wine choices. Very pleased. Worth a go!

A must-have for the wine-lover. Pr9bably the best wine app out there. Still there is room to improve - add more regional styles, fix incorrect entries based on feedback. Must have

It helps me distinguish ok wines from really awful ones in the bargain wine section! My only problem is it's sometimes slow when I'm in the store Brilliant

Great app to share and find information and keep a history of what you have tasted. Fantastic

.. the camera focus is hard to get with my Samsung S5 - so it's a timely struggle to get the right picture.. And places: Can only see in a small area of shops and place/shop search is bad.. I bought the premium subscription but can't rally tell the difference except for some features that keeps crashing. Perfect!

Overall a good app for wine lovers, at least on my phone (Oneplus One) it works flawlessly. Apart from that, users should be able to add new wines to the database because sometimes the photo I take it matches to a totally different wine. Works perfectly

Great app. I like to keep track of the wines I drink. Also the app provides a good description of the wine, even the least known ones, as well as recommendations and customers' reviews. Not bad

I run my beverage department and use this daily to help my customers, such a great resource. Muito bom!

Love how easy this is to use. My wine knowledge is limited so it's great to have detailed data so readily available. Amazing!

So much fun to use: intuitive and informative. You can go as deep or light as you want by buying promoted wines, following tasters, or looking at/adding reviews of wines. Good

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