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I haven't ran across a wine yet that this thing couldn't identify. It gives me reliable star reviews that makes shopping for wine so much easier. Worth it!

This is far better than walking in blind. If you use Wine Spectator fine, but being able to immediately snap a photo for a price and rating......Cant beat the convenience. I love this. So far not disappointed. Amazing!

Extremely powerful. Can accurately and quickly retrieve information about almost any wine bottle I scan. It still amazes me after using it for so long. I recently found additional features that I didn't explore before. Like having a log of the bottles I already tried so I can remember after a few months whether I liked them or not. I can also follow friends and see what bottles they liked. I like the app more and more every time. 1000% recommended for wine lovers and people who want to start. Superb!

Best app ever. All features are great and working. It definitely inspired me to learn more about wine and become an enthusiast! Perfect!

If you drink wine. Get this app. Great for assessing wines ad-hoc and wines on restaurant menus. Marvelous

This app is a great help for my job. I recently ran the beer and wine department and i was just starting to learn about wine, and so if a customer had a question about a particular wine i would just scan the bottle and share the info. Definitely worth having Good

Vast database of wines, reviews, information galore. Build your own tasting profile, you won't be disappointed. Works great

Great app for organizing my favorite wines and learning about new wines I need to try. Go well

Just started using this app. But love it so far! Very easy to use! Really wish more people used it! I have found many new wines through this app. It is very helpful and spot on! Muito bom!

I love this app, I just wish I could filter wines by number of of reviews to get to the really good ones (high rating and high consumption) and also by the flavour profile (tannins, body, acidity, alcohol percentage etc). Otherwise it's a great little tool to keep records of your favourite wines and I keep it handy in stores when I'm trying to decide on wines! Go well

Easy to use, useful, free, and I haven't seen any bugs. What else can you ask for? Perfect

As others said does not always recognise the wine and does not make it easy to make a correction or add a new wine Great!

Great app. Sometimes when photographing a label picks the wrong wine. Also when selecting a vintage it includes other years but they are small niggles Worth it!

Would love to see some smart locations function e.g. In the search filters include wine sold by shops within 'x' kilometres of me. Muito bom!

This is my go-to app for wines from anywhere in the world and I use it to guide my purchases. Works perfectly

The label recognition is awesome. I did have some issues with it hanging but found moving storage to local (not SD) solved the issues. Marvelous

single-handedly the best wine app out there. Wanna know which wine to buy for Friday night? Do you want to remember which wines you liked? Want to know sg more about the one you are drinking right now? This app is for you! Pretty good

Vivino really functions very well as a personal wine library. But there is also a wealth of information to help expand horizons. Oh is quite accurate in identifying labels...really. Marvelous

Поможет выбрать отличное вино, адекватные отзывы о винах Great job

This is So Awesome to take shopping. I've found some killer deals using this app. Worth a go!

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