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Easy to use Easy to use, fun and a useful way to remember wines. Great for comparison and easily better than the competition. Also their customer support is fast and friendly.

Love it...except lack of taste scale Great ap,I love it. However can you please make it so it tells you,on a scale,how sweet or dry a wine is? That would make this a 5 star ap,and very helpful! :-)

Very nice app Helps me remember and create a library of labels of what I tasted over the years. Great interface, easy to use.

Great app Only one other thing I would love to see. Wine spectator or someone else's point system per wine. For example the belle good Clark and telephone is a 91 pointer. That information would make this complete

First wine app I found, no need to look for another! Amazing value, perfect ...! First wine app I found, no need to look for another! Amazing value, perfect functions and that's the free version!. Recommend to get Vivino Wine Scanner APK.

Easy to use....! I took a pic of one of my favorite wines that wasn't in their system and they found it right away with all the information to go with it. Very impressive..... Excellent app...... Recommend to take Vivino Wine Scanner APK.

Getting there! Gradual improvements, but still needs more work. Add ability to search my likes and wines without the scan.. Recommend to take Vivino Wine Scanner APK.

#keeping-me-on-track Good Library! It works good but sometimes my camera green screens. I'm using a ASUS T300FT with dock, it'd be nice if the app would rotate with my screen for easier to type use. It's like Instagram for wines. Be alot cooler if more of my friends used it, however I only downloaded it to keep track of the wines that I had purchased, where/when/price etc.

#keeping-me-on-track All I need! I use this for keeping track of which wine I bought, where I bought it, how much it cost, and how I liked it. Works great!

#wine-app MEH! App is not deep enough. Really needs more varied search options as its a very lonely app if none of your friends are that interested in wines. Chat or comment options would be nice.

#wine-app Great!! This app is a lot of fun to use, and the community element has been very helpful for finding good wine. Update: The camera has been fixed, and this is back to being a 5 star app.

Needs better location support! As others have said, probably the best wine app available currently, but the web site needs better tie in to the mobile app. I'd like to see a list of favorite locations available on the web and app for stores and the ability to set purchase location on the web site. Would also be great to see what other wines the vineyard has - just to be told it's number 8 leads me to want to discover other wines, find out what people have said, and then find them. Great application for knowing about the wine in your hand, but still needs work for wine 'discovery'.

Great app with potential!! This is just what I was looking for to help remember details on wines I own or have tried...if it had a search/filter option it would be 5 stars to me easy!

Good.! But need a regular search/look-up function. Has some issues on the newest Jelly Bean on Nexus S.

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