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Love it I dont know much about wines, this app works great. When a customer asks me a question I just scan the wine and let them know what others think of it. Wish they would come out with a spirits app.

my wines on hands Since I use Vivino all my wines are on hand. I can add my own ones and read other people's reviews. It is amazing to find so many people sharing their wine experiences around the world.

A must easy!!! This app is just brilliant a few little glitches but little wineries in the Barossa and Rutherglen wine regions i wasn't expecting to be available were there!!!

My Favorite App!! This is hands down my favorite app, it is very user friendly and they are constantly making improvements. This app makes drinking wine even more enjoyable. Being a pro user let's you keep track of all the wines in your collection. NICE!!

Great app , responsive developers. If I could afford expensive wine, I'm sure my local wine seller would be unbelievably helpful and guide me to the best in class for each grape variety. I cannot. I buy cheap wine. And there is a TON of great, cheap wine out there! I've had plenty of it. However, when wine shopping I can rarely remember the bottle, either because I had plenty of it or because I was in a waiter-induced, flop sweat panic when I ordered it. This app helps. Also, when I had a question the devs emailed me immediately. Bonus.

My Wines missing again There was an update that fixed the missing wines I scanned in but now its missing again. It only shows wines ive scanned since updating.

Excellent. Everything you need to know where to find the highest rated wine you like. End of!

It remembers, so I don't have to. I love this app. Not only does it help me keep my wines straight, it lets me compare wines in the store, based on what other people thought of them -- I'll never again be duped into an icky bottle of wine.

Excellent content and stability Ready good information on wines, their price, origin, and history. App works well and they are great at finding rare wines using manual identification. Excellent service!

Fantastic I don't go to any store without it..I use this a lot and it helps with my decisions on what is good..wish you could tell what food you are eating and then picks out wine that is rated in ur area for what matches it.

Amazing The wines nearby feature is brilliant, it'll stop me standing in a shop scanning each wine as I go. Thanks

Amazing Using it for a while now and suggested it for all family and friends. Very smart application.

Beginner Im new to wine. The app is fantastic in pointing me in the right direction and expanding my palette and knowledge.

Great... I have tested them all and this App is going on the right track. Only one suggestion. If I simply scan a wine to get to know something about it, it gets added to my list. It would be nice to be able to differentiate between a scan for information and a scan to add to my list.

Vivino Great app to follow friends and share wines. Type is a little small but that is what glasses are for.

Great!!! This app is great for my job as a server. Easy access to all info I need to professionally sell wine. *update* the customer service was by far some of the best ive experienced.

Very good system! Great way to keep track of wine you love. The social aspect is lacking, but probably because my friends don't drink wine.

#WineTastic - All things wine in one! Nice easy to use app to meet like minded #winelovers and to learn all about other wines out there. I like the fact that the app is focused on only one thing - Wine!

A sociable drinking tool It is a pleasure to use and quick to verify wine. It could be improved by adding a bar code scanner and alcohol content scale. The new rating system could benefit groups of mates distorting an individuals honest assessment.

Love It The app iz great to remember the wines I have had and to compare notes on vintages. I also love it az a tool when looking at buying a bottle completely foreign to me.

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