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Problems with camera focusing on htc one. Terrible unproportional rescaling of imported images, no cropping. Time to fix it! Works great

Easy to use, informative, supports my passion nicely! Very helpful when traveling and trying to choose from unfamiliar wines and wineries. Worth it!

I love the app and in particular the cellar option that lets you keep stock of your wines, it would be great if you could print the list of the wines in your cellar so that dinner guests can choose on paper, also it would be good to be able to input the amount of bottles of wine you have as a pop up immediately after the picture you have taken has been identified rather than add that information later. Works great

I can't add any wines to my wine cellar lost. It's impossible currently. Great otherwise. Must have

Great app! It's like the shazam of wines!! Definitely recommended to everyone, except the wine haters!!! Flawless

Great fun app. Gotta have a decent group of people to taste a ton of wine to be able to compare with each other. Just wish it would add hard lowers for review also. Enjoy it!

I love this app for tracking wines discovered while traveling. All wines in one place for later reference. I enjoy the specials and recommendations from the wine store. Allows me to discover new wines and wine makers. Amazing!

Fantastic & perfect! I've recommended this app to everyone. Especially to my father, the wine connoisseur wow lol

I have had this app for 8 years. Done very little updates but I do love the app. Not bad

Great app, useful to keep track of what u have and liked, rating are based between everyday people and not professional tho. So a 5 star wine could be found under 3 star under this app and vice versa. Still room for improvement but great overall Must have

Awesome app. Going for 100 wines right now! Could use more breakdown on your data though. Like my pie chart of regional styles is too specific. I want to see a pie chart based off the grape alone, not necessarily where it was grown. The data is there, they could just find better ways of presenting it with more options. Recommend

אחלה אפליקציה, יש מעט מאד עברית. לא תמיד מזהה את הצילומים שלי אך סה"כ סומך פה על הנתונים Worth it!

This is just a lot of fun and keeps a marvelous record. Lots of great information! wow lol

La aplicación es muy buena y conveniente para los aficionados con poca, o ninguna experiencia, como yo. wow lol

Vivino worked great and I used it a lot until sometime in early November 2017 when it began to crash on startup. Gives the message "Unfortunately, Vivino has stopped" I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it still crashes every time I attempt to use it. I would give it 5 stars if I could get it to work. Cool

Awesome app. Works fairly quickly and always gets the right bottle unless it's a nonstandard label Great job

Too many 'clicks' to go from scanning a label to storing a bottle in your cellar. Entry date keeps jumping back and forth by a day or two. Superb!

It's very good app easy to use, so I certainly would recommend that to my friends. Just wow

Не всегда находит вино точно, но всё равно это отличное приложение. Worth a go!

Great app, wine scanning is spot on about 95% of the time. Has some trouble with a couple labels and can sometimes be tricked when a winery has very similar labels between their different wines. But overall consistent :) Great job

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