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Love this app! I use this every time I am in a wine shop to help me pick the right bottle. How I was just guessing before. I also really like how this logs my wines so I can actually keep track of when I like a particular grape or particular vineyard. Well done!!

Absolutely invaluable as a wine diary, but always seems to flake out when I'm in a rush. Marvelous

Very helpful when I am in doubt which wine to choose or whenever I want to make a study of a certain wine style Muito bom!

This app has changed my wine life. I used to always worry when choosing a new wine to try because there's nothing worse than getting home and hating your wine choice. This app hasn't let me down yet. Anything with a 3.5 and up rating is always a decent wine. I've found some of my favourites thanks to this app. Perfect!

An awesome tool for exploring wine and tracking your personal tastes & cellar. You learn things from the hive-mind AND curated descriptions, all in a tool that lets you track your interests. Pretty good

I'm loving this app. The ratings on the wine are pretty spot on and make it so much easier to pick out wine. Perfect

Instant wine buff. Well er, almost. Love the reviews and best of all the wine and menu scanner which shows scores and reviews. Fantastic, bravo Vivino Fabulous!

After a day of use I can say it's professionally built app, well organized, perfect for storing one notes and looks like it will be useful for purchasing wine Just wow

Con l'ultimo aggiornamento non funziona la fotocamera. Edit: Ora tutto apposto. P.S: perchè non mettere una sezione "la mia cantina" ? Surprisingly

Keep all the wine I drink on it. I've learnt a lot from it. Several friends share lists with me. Cool

Great app, I am always impressed with how accurate it is at scanning the labels. One feature I would love in the cellar management tool is for it to recommend when to drink wines based on their age and varietal Worth a go!

Great app for giving you a solid idea about a wine. Good for people just getting into wines. Perfect

Excellent app. This app has me spending hours researching and finding the perfect wine. Omg

I would give this 5 stars but I am constantly having to manually change my wine. With that said it is a great app and I have used it constantly for the last 3 years. Go well

Great app! Huge database. Also nice low key social connections on the boards. Highly recommended. Great!

A fun way to log your wine adventure. The app works quite well and is precise with a number of rewarding features. It also supports a friendly community of wine enthusiasts. There are many avenues to get support and offer your information to the database. Brilliant

Very helpful app that has allowed a novice wine drinker to safely try more expensive wines. wow lol

Don't know that much about wine...never lets me down. Vive la collective knowledge. Must have

Very useful. Gives valuable information about wines and deepens consumers knowledge Surprisingly

Good when it works. Accurate info for the big name brands. But I find about half the wines I scan don't link to the correct bottle. It will link to one with a similar name, or it will match to the correct picture of the bottle but the details are incorrect. Example off the top of my head is a local Canberra shiraz I bought - scanned the label and it matched with the correct picture but the app said it was a Syrah from California. Fantastic

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