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Awesome app! Easy to use...just snap a pic. Rate wines to develop your profile & it gives you suggestions to try Worth it!

Great wine app. I use it before purchasing all of my wines. Have never been disappointed in my purchase. Awesome

Wonderful app for the wine drinker. More information than I know what to do with. For a beginner like me it really is helpful to have reviews of each wine I am trying. Works great

This is THE app if you like wine - and even if you're just undecided at the wine shop about what to bring to your friends, it's fantastic!! The photo scanner works wonders, you can snap a bottle and instantly know average price and ratings and reviews and taste... Highly recommended! wow lol

Love this app. Really easy to use and great conversation when introducing it to friends. Must have

This is the best app for keeping track of wines you have tried. They will even research if a wine is not in database! I can keep my comments private, too, which was important to me as a beginner. Well done!!

Parfait pour tout amateur de vin. Grosse communauté active c'est parfait pour moi qui n'avait jamais osé acheté du vin par moi même mais qui aime ca. Worth it!

Excellent app. (using a Galaxy S6). The wine ratings have proven to be very reliable. Great job

If this app can take more pictures and keep the drinking time with each wine, it's great. Works great

I used to love it. Now, I use it now and then. Takes quite sometime to load, quite some time to scan. I used to use it as a "wine diary" - take a snapshot for later, and as "wine compass" whilts buying wine. Now it is faster to take an ordinary photo and upload it sometime later. Stopped using it for wine recommendation some six months ago. Superb!

Love this app when purchasing wine in store. Just scan the label adjust vintage if necessary. I have found may excellent and reasonably priced wines and exception wines on great deals. Perfect

I track what I like, and every so often I use vivino to find the best price on my favourites and buy some more of my favourites Fabulous!

3 years into wine, thanks to hidden gem Muse Wine Bar in Portland, OR.! Great new app. Cheers! Must have

Seemless matching. System. Great way to keep track of wine and go back to some memories Fabulous!

Always excellent insight (reviews, rating, price, where to purchase). Helps with wine purchase decisions Works perfectly

Great wine app, but the load time is a real issue for me that stops me from using it more. When opening the app I don't think you need to download the wine library first as it seems this is what takes the time to load. Certainly for me, I'm using it to research a wine in a supermarket or restaurant, I'm not primarily going on to browse my library. If I want to view my library then that can be a secondary load once in the app. wow lol

The best app to help you tracking wines you have already bought/tasted and a great wine buying guide. Well done!!

We use the app all the time to see whay bottles in our collectionare pricing out at and to see whay other wine drinkers think of bottles we are thinking of purchasing. Really helpful. 5 star

Great app. It's been so helpful to learn and read reviews and an useful tool as a beginner. Good

Super App. User friendly, informative and helps you fake being sophisticated about wine! Go well

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