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I really like how this app functions; however, I wish that there was a once and done option for purchase. I'm not going to pay $60/year to catalog my wine. I'll use Excel first. Great job

Truly a wonderful app! Really the best at finding good wines and to keep track of ones you have tried! Fantastic

Good when it works but often takes an absolute age to upload labels, even when on a super fast Wi-Fi. Works great

Good when it works but often takes an absolute she to upload labels even when on a super fast Wi-Fi. Works perfectly

Great pocket wine Cellar. I can easily find out something about a wine I am considering buying with confidence. As palates vary, I can get a go9 idea from people around the world and how they see, taste, pair and enjoy the wine. A must have for any wine enthusiasts Just wow

Great app. Gives me the freedom to take pictures of labels and store them to allow me to return to them and record my tasting notes. Superb!

Great app for wine review! Quick pic of a wine label and you'll know what you need to know. Fantastic

I really like vivino. Easy to use and insightful when you're undecided at the store. Only wish that buying wine through them wasn't marked up so high. Still a great app. Muito bom!

Good app shame it thought white wine was a rosé , and some wine's with picture it gets it completely wrong but I'm really enjoying the all its easy to use and helps me keep track on wines I might want to have again in the future Works perfectly

I love this app to help choose wine. I think the ratings have been very true for my tastes. Also a great way to compare prices. ❤ Surprisingly

Needs improvement 1) Incorrect data - I have submitted incorrect data before but Vivino never got back to me on it. 2) when the app can't find your wine, apparently they have expert team to help manual search for your wine. I have used that functionality before but with no feedback from Vivino Go well

The other users' notes are helpful when I'm trying to decide whether or not to try a new wine. And app staff gets back to you pretty quickly when the wine is not in the system -- what a cool service! I also like being able to see a wine's avg price, so I know if I'm paying for the wine or the store in currently in. Highly Recommend.

Fantastic & perfect! I've recommended this app to everyone. Especially to my father, the wine connoisseur Worth it!

For those of you that know nothing about wine or everything, this app is sure to please! Good

It's okay. Scanner seems to be reliable. Some wine data is incorrect, probably for lesser reviewed bottles. I had a Spanish Tempranillo and found an entry for it, but it listed an incorrect winery and location of origin (Chile!?), even with photos of labels declaring "product of Spain" right there in the entry. Surprisingly

This app is intuitive and very accurate in ratings and properties of the wines. Picture of label gives instant review and price idea. Great App!!! Fabulous!

This app is perfect for all wine lovers and people who are still learning about wine. I love this app Brilliant

This is the sole wine app that I have been using for one year. I am fully satisfied with its performance. If you are in to new wines, this is an app which you have to have. Pretty good

My favourite app of all time. Great data, fast ID service and good to share your tastes with others. Worth a go!

Excellent app. It loses a star for me as when I take a photo on focus, the app seems to pause a split second then save a slightly out of focus image. This sometimes makes identification awkward. It never used to do this. Oneplus 3. Fabulous!

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