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Great for a community to share thoughts about the bottled poetry we so love to experience. Works great

Great app. I still haven't been able to find a wine it didn't know. It's also a great way to catalogue what you have tasted and what you want to buy again. It's a must have for wine drinkers. It has even worked for me in foreign countries! Go well

In the wine shop or a restaurant, crowd sourced reviews are the best and most reliable. Omg

It is a very informative app and it gives you many choices. I don't like that you can't order multiple wines in the same order and cart. Each different wine had to be a separate order and shipping charges. I also I wasn't able to get the app to work in a restaurant when I scanned the wine list Recommend

Love the apps suggestions on what you may like. We set the type of wine and price range and vine shows the ratings and wine. Awesome

It is a lot of fun to learn about the wines, while we are drinking them. Can't wait till more friends get the app too. Flawless

Well, it's great idea but sometimes it misbehaves. I noticed that it recognized year in wrong way and took three pictures of the same vine. Each time it was regognized differently (had different reviews, stars and comments). My girlfriend took picture two times and got another two different results as well. Once even recognizing white wine as red! If you're not sure about the picture why wouldn't you ask me to retake? If some info required for recongnition is missing from the photo, I'd rather find out and fill it in than see erroneous results. If you can't determine for sure why wouldn't you honestly tell me that and either give multiple results or ask me to wait for 'experts' to match it? Well, why would you give inconsistent results at all, shouldn't similar pictures produces the same result, if angle, lighting and proximity really matters that match than the program is simply unreliable. Highly Recommend.

Wirklich gut gemachte APP. Die es, auch nicht sehr versierten Weinliebhabern, ermöglicht immer guten neuen Wein zu entdecken. Noch mehr Hintergrundwissen zu den Regionen und das 5-Star-Rating ist drin wow lol

Great app to keep track of favorite wines tried and to learn more on sorts and regions wow lol

A beautiful thing for discovering wines that you will love and impress your friends Omg

Great app . take a snapshot of the label and rating of wine, average price and more details are instantly downloaded. Stores all your wines for later reference. Great!

Brilliant way to keep track of your favourite wines and easy to reference other great alternatives Just wow

Recently discovered this app and I love it! However, I would like to see more info about wines from some less popular countries. I've added some Hungarian and Romanian wines and there's completely no information about them. Recommend

Great app but has a few issues from time to time. Has helped us find some good wines off the shelf. Go well

Helps me explore new wines and tastes from around the world. Lets me see what others think of a wine before I buy. Has saved me from some costly mistakes. I use this app everyday! Must have

Huge wine library! Even, recognised the label of a Japanese Plum Wine (a dessert wine) I scanned with the app. Fantastic

Love the label search. Of course, keep in mind that other reviewers might have different tastes... Also, would be great if one could compare prices in more than one country (I am an expatriate living in Germany, but often home in the U. S.), and if you could specify languages to read the reviews in (for me, English and German) Also, local prices (i. e. from stores in the vicinity) could help if you need a bottle or two NOW and not in a few days it takes for mail order delivery. But, all in all, a fantastic app. 5 star

About 4.7 A really good app that is exactly what I needed. Clean, helpful, and almost always accurate. Very few things I would change. In all very happy and would recommend. Worth a go!

I like the app for tracking what I have, when I got it, what I eventually thought of it, and my stats. Other than that it's overkill for me - at no fault of the devs. I'm sure many people enjoy the extra features. I'm a fan of updates, but this is too frequent. I think much of a phone's loss off free resources is due to constant updates & old components left behind. Surprisingly

Love it. Since the beginning​ it is a cool app. It gets better with time like a good wine. UI is attractive, is fully informative. Image, rating, price, food matching, grapes source, lovely snippets of wine stories. Search for own wine reviews. I'm not sure about repeated wine rating, it seems it's registered as new wine. UX is very good. Perfect!

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