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Best app of wine eeeeever!! I have learned to drink and taste wine thanks to this app! Just wow

So very handy to take a label photo and get all the info before I buy! Or save photos of wines we liked. Love it! Worth a go!

Great app to have at home or on holidays to ensure you don't buy poor quality wine. Great job

Password recovery not working. Unable to use program after forgetting password. 2 days later got it working. It automatically place the reply email in the spam folder so I didn't see it. Still haven't figured out how to change the password they sent me? love it

Great app for novices in particular. Occasional errors, but nothing to get upset about. Enjoy it!

Works very well. Improves the wine drinking experience. Very good information and also good support when needed. Highly Recommend.

This app makes me appear to be an expert, with my knowledge I have available for almost any bottle of wine. Surprisingly

Great app for novice and pros alike. I love wine and always look to know more about taste. This app is a great way to do that. Enjoy it!

Exceptionally helpful research tool. Thank you, I never buy wine without using it! Not bad

Most wines exist on the system, that's cool. Also I get to see what others thought of it. It would be cool to define myself what each eating means to me. Have a note area in my profile, where I remind myself what 3.5 * means to me etc. Well done!!

Easy to use. Love that you can a picture of the wine to get an idea of the true value of what your paying for. Awesome

This app was recommended by a coworker and I haven't been disappointed. My husband and I love to try new wines and this app was exactly what we needed! Need to make sure your picture capture is clean and clear or may have some trouble. Also, as this does often rely on user input, you may find unknown, small vineyards, or obscure off the beaten path wines may not be found on the app. But we love that you can create your own wine profile. Absolutely a must have for new and veteran wine connoisseurs. Must have

Great app but crazy bloated and constantly freezes or crashes. Would revise up if fixed. Amazing!

As someone that is just getting in to wine as a collector, this app is proving to be an amazing companion when picking or tracking favorite wines. It's beautiful, professional, and very easy to use and navigate. Very well done, developers! Flawless

Great way to keep track of what you like and find new things to try. Very good app regardless of how little or lot you know about wine. wow lol

Very useful application!!! Since I installed it, I always use it when I chose a wine!!! Wine ratings very much correspond to what I experience. Great job

This is an amazing app that gives you access to almost every wine in the world and reviews on them. I live to try new wines and have had a few less-than-memorable experiences. Vivino helps take quite a lot of guess work out of this process. How did I live before this...? Omg

Great app, if you're like me. Like wine but don't know enough about it. Fantastic guidance on vintages and the ability to live scan bottles whilst out or in the supermarket allows you to make informed decisions. Not bad

It is hard to keep track of the good wines. This app helps you remember what you like and you can share it with friends. My boyfriend can easily bring home one of my faves! Go well

Great way to find information about wine, and discover wine you may want to try. Very impressed with photo wine match system. wow lol

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