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Far and away the best icon pack The look is simple yet elegant and works with every app I've got. I've tried to replace it for something new but I always come back to this one. 5 star

Nice theme. Was wondering if you could tell me what that theme was for the weather widgets. And can you share those backgrounds on the screenshots thanks! Just wow

It does whiten all icons I'm a great fan of white -- for minimalism and a peace of mind. This pack is great, it isn't complete white, but give you an outline which fits my white wallpaper well. And app icons it doesnt have will be whitened too -- not like other packs which leave them as they're. Highly Recommend.

Perfection In urgent need of a small update (with new apps and premium requests). I'd gladly pay for a premium, fully supported version. Amazing!

LOVE THIS THEME But (!), it needs a fix. The built-in automatic theme applicator doesn't work, and applying the theme via Next Launcher only themes about 15% of my icons, others have to be manually applied, which is highly time-consuming, because you have to scroll through a list of 2000+ UNORDERED icons to find (*hopefully*) the right one. Also can't manually apply icons to apps in the app drawer. DEV: I'm emailing you soon with more info. 5 star

Note 4 Apex Very nice Icons hard to believe that these are free. Definitely would have paid for these,thank you Dev you are very kind. Love your work .

Just what I was looking for! Very simple, but unique, and have great contrast between black and white, and, honestly, every app I wanted was in this pack, plus more! The only that sucks is scrolling through the pages of icons to find the one you need, but I'm not complaining. Great job!

Buggy I like this pack but the tunein app icon keeps changing back to a colored masked version instead of the vit themed icon. Please fix.

Iron Man theme with VIT Androidpit pointed me towards this icon pack. Loved it, but where can I find the ironman theme as is displayed in that review ? Sorry, but I loved it immensely

Widget The icons are great but i really wanted to know whats the name of that clock wigdet on the images

Needs optional color settings,ie two tone and choice of Square rounded,or rounded over completely and coloring could even be used on the circle ones,its just an idea and I will be watching and the second you do something atleast about the color then Il happily 5star but for now,no.

Amazing! Great icon pack, to all out there complaining, this is just a free icon pack so it has the best s free icon pack has to offer, if you really want like 99% of the popular icons, buy his super cool ones and support him for his great work :)

Just what i was looking for. Its amazing, love the black and white look, using it with Nova launcher 4.0 which has a android 5.0, white app drawer background, and it just blends right in. I also like the fact that the icons of the apps that arent designed, are automatically made black and white. 5/5 , keep it up. wow lol

Missing lots of apps, and lots don't work I understand that not every app I use will have one, but there's a lot of very popular apps without icons, and there's been no updates and no way to request any new ones. Even worse, many apps there is icons for, like Badlands, don't show, including the stock calculator, calendar, camera, contacts, gallery, internet, mail, messages, and phone. It's a HTC phone, but its not listed as unsupported. Love the look, but will be using a different app until, at the least, the icons it does has start to work. Well done!!

Awesome. Needs Update. Great to see a free icon pack but some apps that are shown in the icon pack is not skinning the original icon, just masking. I guess some names need to be updated? Using COS12 theme engine. e.g. Uber, Google Calendar, Google Fit, Snapseed, WeChat, Path and other staple apps just mask. I checked in the icon pack app and they were there, just not applying, I guess? Otherwise, awesome collection. Awesome

Freaking awesome. This pack is literally the best free one out there. Still missing slick deals though. Go well

Good pack, needs a small update I love the icons. They fit for a stormtrooper theme perfectly. I have two issues: PS Touch and tTorrent Pro do not automatically assign. Could you add Square Register to this pack? Thanks, Dev, because my photo-fu is terrible and I can't make icons like this. Thank you for making the icon pack free, as well. Not bad

Clean. Stylish. And best of all, FREE! Takes a while to load 2000+ icons when I choose to customise, but I can't complain. I'm with the others, this is hands down THE BEST simple black and white icon pack out there! I'll definitely be using these for a long time yet. Great job

Like these Wouldn't have all my icons like this, but they look good in the dock, make a nice contrast to the rest of the homepage. Highly Recommend.

Wonderful icons These icons are simply beautiful and can work with any wallpaper! Still can't believe it's free. Thank you! Fabulous!

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