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Those complaining "Where is it?"... Seriously? Learn to read before 'spending hours trying to find the app'. It says clearly in the description on the Play Store: "Note 2: No icon is available in launcher, the app is launched when opening a pdf." wow lol

Awesome but...!!! Awesome app.. Even for word, excel and powerpoint i use google apps but one flaw is that the app doesn't show up in app menu. Whenever i want to open any pdf, i have to first search it in file manager. While in other apps we just have to open it and the recent log is there.. Pls fix it and u deserve 5 stars... Highly Recommend.

I'm using this app only bcoz i have to download my homework from school website...but it is not such useful Amazing!

App is simple and minimal Lots of one stars from people not knowing how to use this. It's hidden from the home screen. It just associates itself with PDF files, so it'll pop up if you tap on one. Lacks many features (jump to page would be great). If you need fully-featured, grab the Adobe one, it's the reference viewer after all. Works great

Fast! I like how fast the rendering is since I view pdfs with about 200+ pages. Compared to adobe, it takes so much time before it loads all pages and even the next page. One of the best thing I love about google pdf viewer is that it searches keywords so fast compared to other pdf viewers which takes minutes before all are found Worth a go!

Simple, To the Point, but Needs a Highlighter Tool I like the app for its simplicity. However, I read a lot of articles through pdf for a class, and I DO wish that there could be a simple highlighter tool to mark things within the app. Doesn't have to be perfect; just something to catch my eye to help me come back to my thought easier later. Thanks. wow lol

Ok If u r a rooted user and uninstalled Google drive to free some memory then this is great app :))) Perfect

Does wat it has to do and noting more Is it possible to add a feature that can make it possible to save your place, like a bookmark. Also maybe a highlighter tool. If it can do that I'll give it 5 stars Marvelous

Fast and works, but missing some features Opened a pdf Acrobat couldn't, but it has no ability to recognize links to chapter pages from what I have tested. Perfect!

PDF <3 ♡ I adore Google syncing but I need a computer helper-Amen to Jesus Google account recovery help for ALL MY PICS N VIDEOS. PLEASE REFER AN THAT IS FOR A NERD LIKE ME?! PLEASE I BEG! :-( Good

Missing some features It would be great to have a horizontal scrolling option too along the vertical. Especially in the version included in Drive. Great job

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 device is rooted and flashed with a stable global rom. app is installed properly but only as a re-direct option; no app icon at homescreen. as always; a must have. Fabulous!

Great This works very well, but some people are just too stupid! This app READS PDFs, so you're not supposed to open it! This isn't an app that you're supposed to OPEN. Smarten up, ppl! This app functions well and is fast, but some ppl just are too dumb. The phone's screen can rotate, ya'know! Surprisingly

Read it first People who are saying that this app does not showing any app icon or shortcut in the app drawer, should understand that you are going to wrong way.To read any pdf document from your device you must open any installed/preinstalled file explorer/manager and manually open the file from the located folder or path and select the google pdf viewer.In case if you are using any other pdf viewer as default then you must remove it from the default app first. Great!

Useful apps. If you are searching some apps for viewing PDF file. I'll suggest you to try this. You'll find what you were searching. 5 star

Needs more features I would like to see more features such support to edit pdf. I uninstalled because I noticed that some info in the pdf was been blocked with squares and preventing you from reading it. Opened in other apps and all info was there. Marvelous

Good I use this app before but Xplore has implemented PDF reader so I only needed Xplore instead of this one. Fabulous!

Basically okay, but lacks some functions. Takes less space on internal memory compared to Adobe Acrobat, but no way to jump page 50 from page 1. I always have to scroll down by myself. So, if the pdf has a lot of pages, it's very difficult to jump pages. Works perfectly

Well done This is the best apps that help me to open the documents I downloaded on Google that I needed for school and now I can use it for school like everyone else at first I couldn't and then my friends still me about PDF so I went up Play Store and I search to PDF and I look at all the others but I'm like no limit just take this one looks better and where is the minute I took it all of my documents open and I could do what ever know people ask me what do I use to open these kind of documents Marvelous

No focusing! The best viewer I have ever had. But there is a BIG bug that I can't help noticing. When screen rotate, damn, you can't read a page at all! A page isn't focused. How's that impossible to not notice it. Please Googlers, fix it! Works perfectly

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