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Best PDF Viewer for Droid The other viewers just don't cut it on a mobile platform. Every other .PDF viewer I have tried to use comes stocked with an abundance of issues and errors when opening my important documents Google is where I go. Perfect

Perfect. It's exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to open a PDF and it did exactly that. ------------- To those complaining, this is a BASIC READER which runs in the background without using consuming much ram so use the browser or file explorer and then open the PDF file. It's very simple really. Jeez. Works great

It's fine It's ok, a reader but I was looking for something where I have certain features or highlighting one for the least , I expected it from Google. Not complaining or anything but I don't understand the difference between the drive PDF viewer and this one. It's all same. Not bad

It's pretty good I didn't like that you have to download it 2 be able to see PDFs I think it's kind of lame that if you don't have storage on yourf phone cuz you need to erase some apps Just wow

Works with gmail but not other email. When a pdf is downloaded via a non gmail a count it will not open. If it comes in via Gmail, it works a treat. The petty wars between tech giants is annoying to the hoi poloi. Highly Recommend.

Perfect Pdf reader Yes, its a Google product, but trust me this is the fastest and most lightweight and best pdf reader availabke till date. Ofcourse you wont find in your launcher, the app magically opens the pdf directly from your file manager and broweers. Worth it!

Perfect! Nothing fancy, but doesn't need to be. This does the job perfectly to view PDF files. No bells and whistles - but you don't need them. I agree this should be stock on all Android devices. wow lol

Its hidden but.... Have installed this app but cant see it in my phone. Just shows here 'uninstall' but only appears when you want to open a pdf doc. It works pretty fine though, for this i give u a 5. Cool

Convenience at its peak It's wonderfully useful when you are on the go and quickly browse through your PDF files. It's light weight so the device memory is not compromised. Also, it responds fast. PDF files are opened with optimizing the screen space. Fabulous!

Perfect Everything you need! No spam, no ads and updates when needed. Plus it doesn't even add an icon. Baffled how it's not included in the system. Flawless software! love it

Almost there! Like the fact that there's no icon..seriously I can't be the only one? But the incompatible issue is a major downfall. Great!

Where is the icon? Still not showing icon but change the rating to 3 star as I can open PDF file via my Google drive but not actually showing at my mobile the app. Omg

It's Google Got tired of Adobe trying to sell me stuff with their app. Installed this. No headaches. Recommend

Best PDF reader/viewer? In my humble opinion, that would be a yes. It is simple, it does exactly what it says, no gimmicks, no ads, no nonsense. It is simply the best viewer/reader, not an editor. Best part is, it doesn't appear as an actual program, but more or less like a plugin or internal software for the phone/tablet. Works perfectly

Useful Great app. Would much rather use Google for PDF then Adobe. I love being everything Google so when I saw this was available I didn't think twice. I'll rate 5 stars after using it for awhile to assure there are no glitches or bugs. Go well

☺☺☺Very reliable app.☺☺☺ A very good and helpful app for one who didn't want to download any attachment from his/her mail inbox or e-drive since it views the content directly. Perfect!

REAL PDF READER!!! I love this, you dn't have to go to an app just to read pdf files... you can instantly read your pdf files. Thumbs up ^_^ Great job

Excellent Beautiful app for those who hate showing Application in Menu . If u download this app it automatically works like inbuilt feature for android . I like very much and Thank u for Google 5 star

Has always worked great on my Samsung Galaxy tab Wonder y this phone dont have any of the apps like this one and chrome, YouTube, drive, etc. Had to download them all never had to do that with any phone or tablet that I've had. wow lol

Basic but does the job Can we at least get a dark mode option? Staring at so much white background makes my eyes hurt. Better for amoled screens too. Enjoy it!

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