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Make a "highlighting" feature for words or phrases to highlight the important ones! It would be very helpful... Recommend

Where is the option for highlighting the text?? I installed this app because I saw in your review the app has this option. Well, nothing of the sort! Works great

App is useful sometimes but it does not read my few pdf saying "invalid format", specially files on my SD card. Whereas other pdf reader apps has no issues with those SD card files. Could you please fix this bug. Thanks Well done!!

It reads PDF. It's not an editor, though that feature would be nice. Personally I wouldn't edit a PDF via a tablet or smartphone. Good for looking at payslips and other various things on the go whilst saving mobile data. Fabulous!

What I was looking for stfu stop complaining about a shortcut -_- it's enough that it reads ur pdf's and Even has a Search Perfect!

Expecting text reflow support with this I had used Samsung inbuilt Office app and that lightweight and helpful for book reading as that supports text reflow. I had expected google Pdf reader with similar feature else mere pdf could be read by even chrome app or inbuilt reader. Great!

Simple, just as I needed it. Yeah, no shortcut, because what would you do with it, start a new pdf? It's not like a music player, to keep playlists (although I understand how that would have been handy on a phone, sort of like a galery with all your pdf's; I mean, you also don't have a shortcut to an app to view pictures, but you do have a galery, which is kinda it; every other book reader has that). So yeah, I don't need the shortcut, but I understand the people who would have liked to have it. Brilliant

Smaller and less bloated than the Adobe one. Works well, but it's too easy to accidentally bump the scroll slider when scrolling around a place. Must have

Excellent PDF viewer. It does what it says... It is pretty much a basic viewer, yet a very capable, fast and reliable one. One thing I really liked is that it enables you to print. It does not have any tools such as editing, password management, or format converting; if that is what you are looking for, look elsewhere! 5 star

needs a shortcut Google developers, please give this app a shortcut in the app drawer. From reading the comments it's obvious people don't know how to open it. Going to a file manager every time is counterintuitive. I do like that the app is small. Perfect

It's a reader, nothing less. For those of you that might be complaining about no application icon and decided to uninstall it, do not. You need a file manager, or an app that calls for an application supporting PDF types. Highly Recommend.

Google pdf Actually a good day please find the attachment for a while and the rest and I am going on the same as a good time for you and I will send a message to be able and I am a bit more about your experience with the new one and I will send a message to be able and I am going on the other hand and the rest and the other hand and the other day I have to do with it and the rest and the other hand and I will send a message to be able and I am a little more than one and I will send a message to be able and I am going Just wow

A Good pdf viewer Adobe acrobat reader is the best but in size Google reader is just 4mb atlast pdf viewer is used to read who cares what app it is :-D just fit for the purpose. Even the icon isn't found just gets in and does the purpose ditectly open your pdfs. Perfect

Awesome It is very useful and efficient app ever. It is very good for official work and decrease the efficiency of the work and we can even print according to our wish. So I think it is great and is good to use. Superb!

BUGS Android HTC m8. An added Bluetooth mouse will not scroll-wheel most opened PDF's (drag ok) Also, menu dropdown is not scrollable from added keyboard using up/down keys (tried MS mobile and Logitech mobile KB's) Fabulous!

Stop looking for the app silly wads It's a reader, nothing more, nothing less. It works silently in the background AS IT SHOULD. Find the pdf file you're trying to look for in your phone (even better yet, use a file explorer), and open it, it's all automatic. If it says "incompatible", then it's not the issue with the reader, but that of the file. And if you say "blah blah blah has no issue reading it", then why complain about this one? Use the other one or keep both. This reader works just fine. Stop whining. Marvelous

Thanks Google! Awesome app. To the fools complaining about not finding icon, please stop, give your device to someone who knows how to use it. The thing is, once installed it will open PDF files for you when you open them with explorer or directly from gmail etc. So open file explorer and go to PDF file and finally open it, you will see the magic. Flawless

It's good programme It's very easy and wonderful using it..... With such an low space on mobile. Jzt have a problem that the icon in apps list is not showing so how to open the files which are in my storage already? Worth a go!

Redundant? What's the difference between this and Google Drive PDF Viewer that came preinstalled? I searched for a way to remove a PDF password in order to share there PDF, and this came up in the top five, however it does not have that option. Amazing!

And the shortcut?? Only because there is no shortcut, I will give it 3 stars (I would give you only 1 star, but you are so pathetic...). Add the shorcut and you will have all stars. Muito bom!

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