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Assists with pdf related msgs & documents makes access very quick n life easier Perfect

itZz good.but the other side effects are the best of the other one and I would love it but not the best time in to see you tomorrow at all possible for me and the we are will have need for a while and but it seems to have to pay to get to it was great seeing a good idea how are not in my life in a good weekend idea that design is a very good small business and a good one and but it would be good to know about the Marvelous

Complainers everywhere... This is a reader Google don't want you to have a shortcut! G Suite for 5$ a month will do everything for you. Integration with google is perfect, do it and than when you need a pdf click pdf on your google drive search and the cpu who's gonna search for it is belonging to google so the anseer pops out as fast as if it was tgere before you even searched for it just do 'pd...' If you look for a pdf abiut a diploma you just go and type in google drive 'pdf di..' it pops Google is smarter than you and for you Thanks Worth a go!

Had a lot of trouble downloading/printing a particular document which I receive monthly. Many calls to the organisation concerned assured me that it was sent as a pdf but my device said " no app installed to open this file ". I have no problem with other documents opening them with a very popular app. A chat room suggested installing another pdf reader and I choose the Google pdf . Bingo! Solution to a very frustrating problem. Many thanks to Google Well done!!

PDF THIS IS ALL U NEED I love google PDF. It works like a charm. Listen up community, stick with GOOGLE. Perfect!

It's clean, quick, simple does what you want without distraction. But, it does need a shortcut or widget with an index of pdf files. Must have

It's an helpful app and that's the only adjective that I can give as this app does not supports the adjectives like awesome, exciting so only this much to say that it does not contains many adds and is helpful whenever I wanted to view a pdf document through whatsapp and sometimes it also becomes knowledge giving app so this is what I wanted to say Great!

Very nice app It's good I like it up to will like plz download and see test once a time very nice for pdf opening it helps in all functions like print see copy paste etc Marvelous

Google PDF reader finally gave me good reason to Uninstall the dreaded adobe reader. Thank goodness. Works great

This is a superb PDF reader. Works better than anything else available for Android. Well done!!

Renders the files fast compared to the app I had earlier. Still I would prefer to launch the app and open any recently viewed PDF from there instead going through my file system each time. Omg

THIS ISN'T A APP IT'S A EXTENTION! Open your pdf document in your favorite file manager and it will open with this extention Jesus Perfect

Great app With less mb I dones its wrk well But it is running little slow Develope more plz. Waiting fr your update version. Works great

Extremely good app.... i have not any pdf reder in my android amazone fire phone it's help me and make my work easier Must have

Great app Excellent app works very well and caters to my need best part is I can easily create and convert the files from one form to another using my subscription and can Also store files in my separate cloud Omg

It used to be better earlier. But it is blurry during zooming. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. Then I will surely give 5 stars. Works perfectly

It's not good when searching for full word in Hindi or Marathi. It only search for the first 1-2 letters in PDF but when you type the third letter it don't show the word even the word is present in the PDF. Cool

"PDF" works great. Did not even know I needed this App until I could not open a file I had downloaded to read its contents. Now I am able to see what it was about. Superb!

Why it's hidden? I want it to be independent app, it show all PDF files on my phone. So I can reach them easily in one place. Perfect!

Google PDF Viewer very easy to use and Sample... Very nice App so dont forget to install. Download fast enjoy the benefits..... Worth it!

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