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Seems to be working well not sure only scanned twice but I am hoping that it works for my K3 Android Pretty good

Great app being using it for three days working good and have saved my battery life WOW GREAT APP. Marvelous

I think this is the most important app for the mobile to secure from viruses nd everything . I give him Worth a go!

Easy to use, efficient, effective, uses less space. I've used this since it 1st came out & I won't go back any of the others. It's the perfect overall, "got you covered" apps. It's the best. Exceptional! Surprisingly

A best app for speeding your phones.It boosts my phones and saves my battery very well.I recommend everybody to try it and boost your phone. Well done!!

Found G-ware McAfee Didn't! ! Had ads and my browser kept opening up and going to weird sites. Think I got it when I enabled downloads from sites other than playstore. McAfee kept telling me there were no problems found and yes I did enable McAfee in Settings. The only thing McAfee was able to do was stop the browser from taking me to malicious site. Uninstalled McAfee and installed this one. Ran a scan and it found the G-ware. Yay no more pop ups of any kind now. Thank you so much!!!! Surprisingly

I like knowing that my phone and info and the phone is safe. Keep up the great job. Enjoy it!

I use a prepaid ZTE, and it isn't one of the best Max cleaner worked a lot of the bugs out. Amazing!

It does have to many ads but, on the + side it cleans the junk that is left behind when you uninstall a app so i give it 5 stars for that. Brilliant

Running fine, it's got the usual ad's but not as intense than most. Thumbs up so far Worth a go!

This app is very helpful in term of busting any kind of android phones so its good to go, love it love it

This is the best security system i have had cleans my phon and a whole lot other stuff awesome Well done!!

So far I like it. It explains to me why I'm not getting any video service. That's pretty cool. Hopefully when I have any other issue, it will explain to me why. Works perfectly

This is a great app !!I like everything about it . Really helps me keep my tablet clean and safe !! Superb!

It's great so far! Givin in time to see if it keeps on working great, but yes...I like it and it makes my phone's run faster for the time being. Omg

It seems to do its job VERRY WELL. Love that it actually CLEANS. Only wish it would interrupt less with the little reminders. But hey I got the free I can't really complain. No matter which anti-virus you use, none go on indefinitely without getting corrupted, so you just have to get a new updated one, uninstall the old one. I always come back to this one. Thnx developers. Omg

It works well if not better than the others that are free to download very happy camper Go well

It can get a little annoying with all the stuff it wants to do with your phone. For instance, when I turned my phone on I would see some MAX thing instead of my background but one you turn that stuff off it's great Brilliant

Used many of the all in one apps, keep coming back to this one Latest update has best graphics and performance. All these apps have ads, they're sponsored by Google, just ignore them. Surprisingly

It's easy to use, and faster then any other that I have tried, so far so good thanks a million Muito bom!

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