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LOVE IT!! I've been with Vingle for almost a year now and it has never failed to amazing me. There are a couple of things i would like to suggest, like create a chat section where you can create groups or make personal messages to each other. But thats just an idea. I LOVE VINGLE!!! Superb!

I didn't really like the hashtag idea for this, but im used to it now. Right now the obly bug im having is it will say page not found even if im looking at the card. I hope this big gets fixed(when this happens my notifications stay ) Amazing!

Great app for otakus! Vingle! is the Facebook and Twitter for anime and gaming. It does need more anime and game content and less BTS band content but that has more to with what the users post. Great app for anime updates and character sharing, with this app, I feel like I can be myself with like minded people! Recommend

The log in is not working for me I really would like this to be fixed as soon as possible Omg

Was made to follow some people upon joining. Just saw a whole bunch of anime in my feed Superb!

Love it. It's nice to have fun and be involved in alot of things and also making new friends. Worth a go!

I've had this app for several year now and it's such a great community! This seriously needs more than 5 stars! Muito bom!

I love this app, however today it started failing to connect to a server. So I can't use the app anymore. I even tried to update thinking that may help, no luck. Perfect!

Its a really cool app. I just wish that it didnt close everytime i open it. When i first downloaded it, it was great except it didn't let me comment and it always failed to connect to servers. I like thw app. I just wish i could use it. Well done!!

Great community but I'm having issues posting cards I keep getting a notification that my card failed to upload Works great

Amazing app to meet people and post things about what you like. The kpop section is filled with some of the kindest people in the world! wow lol

Very entertaining and easy to use. So much to look at and do, friendly people. updates often. Perfect!

I love the app greatly there's just the notification and double notification portion that i think needs a bit of work. Highly Recommend.

I am not following " k-pop" community anymore,but i still get many notifications from it. It really annoys me ,can you do something Enjoy it!

The new interface is really buggy. I missed the old smooth-easy-reliable Vingle. Uploading a new post or editing is a really pain. Then there is the problem in network connectivity when my WiFi just fine. I hope the team fixed the bugs asap. Muito bom!

Good way to chat with ppl who like what u like. Wish we could upload pics in the comment sections Must have

It's supper fun ,but it's not letting me log in when I open the app on my phone nor computer. Can you please fix this because I want to enjoy this app. Awesome

I have never had problems with the app but now it keeps saying failed to login and I have waited but it keeps saying that. Works perfectly

Apparently there is no way to sign in or sign up with twitter, Facebook or Google plus. The button to reset your password does not work. I think this app is broken. Pretty good

My favourite social media platform, a great place to connect and interact with people who share the same interests as you Great!

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