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Can't load game since last maintenance a few days ago, won't load up on laptop just get a screen with aload of writing on, tablet just goes back to home page. Tried to reinstall but that dont work.I love playing this game I'm on lvl 140 . please fix this so I can continue to play. Thanks Superb!

Still love this game but since the maintenance done yesterday, I'm now not able to play. It may load 2 out of 10 times but only able to play for maybe a minute before it says that I've lost connection #210. VERY FRUSTRATING!! I spend more money than I really should on a game but now.... no more play. Please fix or help! Surprisingly

Brilliant game has become so much better as you can unlock faster by watching vids I'd be better if we didn't have to wait ages to unlock as it's only 3 and unlocking villagers too. Barely let's me play now connection #210 keeps coming up Fix it please Not bad

I love this game. Only negative is somethings take way too long. And it would be so much. more fun if it were easier to earn hero's. Also when one of your people marry and love to someone else's village you should receive a villiager to replace the one you lost just think it would be fair..but I love the game.. Not bad

I'm loving this game! But I had to drop my rating from 5 to 4 stars. Spin to win. If it ever miraculously stops on the higher number of gems, it always seems to jump forward last second to a smaller number. Almost got 500 twice. And 1000 3 times. Never stays on the higher number. :( Also still having problems with gems disappearing. Flawless

I LOVE this game! I love how you can view your villages family tree, I love how you get to interact with other players, I just love everything! The only problem I have is that I don't like the village population. Idk why, it's just it gets in the way. Although I totally get why it's there but I just wish there could be something done about it. Other than that, this game is great! Great job

I love this game so much! I have a few things the game could improve on though. The wait times for some things are really long, so maybe you could Make them shorter. And I think building should be a skill, along with water gathering. Other than those things though I think this game is awesome!!! Brilliant

Cute & fun. Too many adds or real $ to unlock things but once everything is unlocked its easier to not watch adds and get somewhere in the game. It also has a lot of bugs. It crashes about once a week. Yet I'm on level 137 with out spending $ so they must be doing something right. wow lol

Please increase the unlocking slots from three to more. I need to wait for days to unlock things for three places because of the very limited slots. Also, I hope the villages will not wish more things that cannot be unlocked yet (because of my level cannot permit me to) Aside from that, everything is great Just wow

I am addicted to this game, like seriously im addicted. The only thing i would change, it seems like the game is rigged to not be able to get stuff like 1,000 gems or hero charms and I've been playing for 2 months. If its not rigged and i just sound ungrateful then sorry, but if it is, I've caught on and i would appreciate that you fix that. Also, you should be able to choose how many kids you have or if you even have any, hair colors, hair styles, divorce, gender of kids, skin color, adoption, to marry someone from your own village, and gender that you marry. I feel like its a great game but there isn't enough freedom. For example, I tried to make my family but the hair colors didn't match up and I couldn't divorce my parents. I would definitely give this game 5 stars if it had more freedom. Thank you Good

It's a really good game. My only problem is the fact you can lose villagers to marriage. It gets really annoying because I lost a villager so now it's harder to do the tasks with less people. Can you please make it if your villager is one star and the villager they are marrying is one star you and the other player gets both villagers instead of one player taking both villagers and leaving me with 1 less villager? Recommend

I really like this game. There are just a few problems. One of them being that I have to keep tapping the screen before I get the action, and I just got off the app, and it seemed the game glitched because the marriage was finished, but the screen wasn't reload in back to the village. I had to wait. Perfect!

Amazing game! But waiting times are a little long for un-locking items. I really like the fact that they can get married to other people's villagers, it makes it a tiny bit easier but why can't your villagers get married to other villagers in the same village? And its really hard to get gems so don't spent them all at once! Cool game! Just what I've been looking for. Well done!!

So I have this game on PC too, and it is actually better optimized for my phone than my PC. On my PC the "Look up a friend" in the "make friends" tab doesn't work at all. Also, the theatre where you watch commercials for free gems (or whatever the currency for this game is) doesn't work on PC either. Everything else works great. I even loaded in with my Facebook village life and everything worked flawlessly. The only issue I have with the Android version is that the buttons on the screen can be pretty hard to hit because they're so tiny. At any rate, I love this game! It's addictive, fun, cute, and super relaxing. Thanks for the awesome game! Also, the graphics are amazing ❤ Fantastic

The best game in the world. Wow my family is great Fantastic

I've been playing this game for a few years and love it! It takes dedication to build up your village but its worth it. I can play for hours. My ONLY complaint is I wish they'd add some new items to the game..its been the same for quite some time. It needs some new things for decorations, housing, and fun. The new characters have been a great add but it needs some new touches to keep it new and fun for regular players. love it

This is a really cool game but it gets confusing when you have 2 villages and I think you could make it easier to get gems. Because the game makes you use them all at the beggining of the game and to keep your villagers happy you need t speed things up because they take forever so you can't level up. Anf the things they want require you to level up. So you need gems. Other than that I love the game. Please make it so that the villagers in your town can marry othet villagers in your town. Thanks x Not bad

Great addictive game. The developers have done well. Although wait times are ridiculously long unless you use gems. This game is definetly a money grab. I would rate 5 stars if gems were easier to get less expensive or if there were rewards like other games speed up bonuses or gems for completion of quests. Must have

Overall great game, good time killer! Few things could be fixed, for example I can't watch videos to earn free gems after reaching level 12, villagers can't marry each other, some items take way too long to unlock/craft, but it doesn't interfere too much with gameplay! Amazing!

I have no problem with this game. It's actually really nice and goes out of its way to give you offers so you don't have to spend money. But I did two offers to try to get extra gems and they were doubled offers, I never received the gems. About 500 gems I downloaded games and played them to get and I never did Highly Recommend.

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