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love it

I love it, the the worst problem in every farm it is the old trees and bushes you should come up with a solution that do not cost a lot of money. Something like when you reach a certain level can buy an special tool with diamonds to eliminate them 5 or 10 at a time. Just saying... I love this game an I spend a lot of time and some money and that is the only issue I have. Muito bom!



I love this game....very nice game but i wanted to log in through google not facebook plz look forward Not bad


If it don't keep losing the connection, this is a very good game! I wish it was offline too. Great!


Loving the game great way to pass time, I'm just getting annoyed with it because it keeps giving me stuff and then it's fine the next time I open the app. Level 17 and still dealing with the storage they start you with because it gave me the wood and took it away before I could exspand it and dimonds dissapearing , i was going to buy the gem mine but dont want to waste my money if they are just going to vanish getting ready to stop playing because of this. If the writters of this game could fix it I would apprciate it. Superb!

Works perfectly



I liked its graphics and the gameplay experience. But, I expect it as an offline game. Disappointed tho. Cool

All are ok but I want more diamonds freely without money in the wheel without any diamonds diamonds also diamonds Also Works perfectly

Much like Hayday. I enjoy the old time look. Very cute graphics. Using stategy for barn storage and silo storage. Hoping to keep this simple and really love helping neighbors. Good

I really like this game ........yoh if you are reading this then you must install it don't read this INSTALL it Works perfectly

Easy but fun An easy but fun way to fill a few minutes of downtime during a busy day. Relaxing. Can play for 5 min or 5 hours. Recommend

Plz help i love this game ive been playing it for 2 years sence the new update i keep lossing connection. Plz fix soon Highly Recommend.

Far better or i should say nice game than hay day or any other farming games i have played.. Moreover, good graphics and pet collection.. Loved it.. Overall Awesome Game. Highly Recommend.

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