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Just wow

wow lol

Ok, this game is exactly like hay day but with less features. It is a good game, however the treasure chest is annoying you need 3 gems to open (unlike hay day when sometimes it does open) these treasure chests will NEVER open unless you unlock with gems. I have tried over 20 times and it did not open without gems. Secondly, the upgrade materials are really really hard to come by. I keep harvesting but do not get an upgrade item. WHY? I could see myself playing this game for very short term due to lack of upgrade materials. Also thirdly, I use the trade market to sell items but they are very rarely bought by other players. Is this because there is not many people playing or what? My items would sit there for about a day until it get sold to NPC. Marvelous

love it

wow lol

love it

Just wow


Not bad



It is just like hayday,but more mid evil Not bad


Go well

Highly Recommend.



This game certainly has potential, but it's not being realized. In order to build, produce, upgrade, expand and clear land, it takes a lot of resources, many of which are hard to find or obtain--even by using gems or in-app purchases. Making this even more complicated, all the tools/items needed, except gems, take up storage space, which is limited, requiring even more tools and items to upgrade storage space which you don't have! The economics (costs, sell values, etc) are not well balanced, either. The friends/likes/followers/helpers lists seem to be buggy--I helped another farm as well as someone else helped me on mine, and my **own** name appeared in my "recent helpers" list, not theirs. I cannot seem to add other farms I like so I can go back to them easily. All in all, it's a decent "time waster", but not worth investing much effort.. or money; When it comes to money, I don't mind spending it, but I want value for it--fun and entertainment. If I wanted torture and frustration, I'd go hire a dentist to drill my teeth out. O.o Just wow

It says its an offline game but turns out its not play store now tricking us to download games Brilliant

It is like real life and I loved it because it impress me how hard is to earn Great job

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