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Fun and loving game.. Great grafics and cute animals.. Only think I didn't liked was earning coins will take time.. And all the farm things are expensive after 20+ levels.. Though its nice Pretty good

The Valentine's day update contains very less decorations. And I think it'd be better if we could keep the older decorations after updating the game. wow lol

I purchased diamond mine and I saw error when it goes for payment. I tried twice bust same result and I got message to deduct amount from my card .. and in game I am still getting msg to purchase diamond mine. Can any body tell me how will I get back my miney Go well

I had this game on my other phone all i did was get a new phone and now i have to start all over i was at level 70 and had 970 diamonds and1600000coins the coins were alittle more but don't remember the exact amount i think this sucks. Highly Recommend.

I love the "Old Time" that is why I continue. But friends NEVER water the plants or hellp. Not bad

Please be great and could you change the time please?? It's too long to wait, like the milk, I can't take it fast bcs it's about 20min(?) thanks hopefully you're always in the right way❤️❤️ Works great

Also when will game be updated again The christmas theme is getting bit old now. Plaining it over 2 years now. The further you go the longer it takes gets to new level. And have to wait super long to get new level just to get new item. Should really make the next level rewards bit better. otherwise its real cool Marvelous

Love the game.. graphics are beautiful. For those locked out of HayDay, this one is BETTER.. Wish I would have found this one first♥ Well done!!

I had to change my review...I am never buying diamonds again!!! The last time i did, it tells me that I will get up to 7 diamonds daily! Not once did that happen!! In fact, it gives me even less than I had before I purchased. Please remind me to not spend more money on this game ever again!!! Amazing!

I like this game but it won't let me login to Facebook and its hard to find friend's on here Fabulous!

This is the lovely games farming. Not stuck like other's farming games, very easy and fast.really addicted gàmes,I'd like to gave a twelve star indeed, if only have.thank you.. Fantastic

This game has a lot of farming to do ,they show us about how fun are doing farming Omg

Takes too long to collect items. Need loads to upgrade and takes ages to collect upgrade items. Need diamonds and lots of them which you have to buy in order to do anything. Can be bit boring . Works perfectly

I would give it 5 stars but I haven't got any advertisment scroll till yet all my friends have it....please fix that Well done!!

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I can't stop checking to see if the chikins and cow's are ready!!!!:-D Flawless

بازی خوبیه فقط بعضی چیزاش خوب نیست wow lol

Yeah!! Nyc game...this game help me in xam a tym pass game and refresh me during exams Superb!

I like the game, I honestly do. Unlike other farming games, either it takes too long for things to grow or no safety precautions for accidental press of gems or harvesting all crops. It's really nice. The only reason I'm uninstalling is because whenever i have bad WiFi connection, it disconnects and can't play at all; and that sucks big time. Good

I like this game. And its sometimes a time killing one.. Of course in a good sense! I play this game when i have nothing to do and bored. Fabulous!

Love the game. The changes with the seasons could be a bit annoying, but in the middle of the summer I don't really mind that much when I see snow in my farm. :p Omg

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