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Was really happy with game. Spent money twice, but now I am frustrated because I just realized that I would make a lot of products before going to bed. When I wanted to play, there was a lot to sell or make other stuff. At first, I thought I was going nuts. Finally discovered that by next day, there was one one thing, instead of 7... so disappointed. Wasted so much money. This is a lesson. Don't spend money on games... Works great

This is good game...but only reason I want to uninstall the game because I can't increase my store due to Nail...and they can't give me nail any way Must have

Cant get my game after my reseting the phone i have reached 28 th level but after login my game starts from level1 Plzz help me 5 star

this game is very good game of farming i love farming games but i want summer seasion in this game this is winter this is my request thanks Perfect!

Would give 5 stars but it is second time today I lost the gifts I earned after I watched the promotional ad. I earned 2 nails today and upgraded the silo, then there was a connection error and the upgrade was lost. This frustrates. Pls look into this if you check the reviews. Thank you. Omg

I loved it.. Best graphics.. But I can't collect my daily diamonds.. It doesn't work.. Please fix it.. Please love it

Love the game,except for not being able to get the grains, you need to make food for the animals. You should be able to buy them, not just use diamonds. Then, there's the problem of not getting the pieces needed to be able to make bigger...that's really frustrating! So much so, I may have to find a new game. love it

Everytime you have a network problem I have have to wait up to 2 days before I can play by this time the little farm boy who help us is long gone but I paid 100 diamonds for him to to get only 3 days....not fair. Fix your problem please. Because it's not my network problem everything else works on my side...come on... I used to like this game but lately I don't. Highly Recommend.

This games is very nice there 're so many things to do like fishing lovely animals Go well

Basically I love farming based games.. But my phone storage is very small..this game occupies a very small memory but offers quality animations and fun... I loved it Good

I just love this game.... I'm creating my dream world in this... Lovely Well done!!

First this is a nice game , secondly I wish I can play it offline too and thirdly please admin I forgot I have installed this game before so o reinstalled today and bought the diamond mine but on connecting to my Facebook now that purchase is not updated ..please is there any way you cn help update my purchase? Thanx hoping to get a helpful solution from you guys. Cool

I've been playing this game for 2 years and I still play it every day. I love it. It's addictive, it challenges me, and I love the cute animals. Go well

I liked this game but when I like it most then i give full ratings and five star also Fantastic

its very adictive and lovely game and great time killer i really enjoying it thanks for this lovely game Worth it!

I think this game so fun.This game is the best ever..the graphics so great and cute animals Must have

I think this game is by far "The Best" farm game I have played! And I Have played a little more than a few...although I do have one "small" complaint. WHERE is my Mail Lady?!?! I haven't seen her in 4 days? I need her! She brings me certificates and those are important...could y'all work on sending her my way? Tell her she's Late!! Lol If I were trump she'd be Fired!! Great!

Good plots and game play. Little bit slow to build a good farms it's look boring at the beginning but after some time it really starting to get fun. Works great

I think it is so nice app but it's waste time. Please download this game but don't waste time and spoil your study 5 star

I love to play this game.... I feel like my own pets waiting for food... and as real trees , very nice game money management, business planning and all we can practice Awesome

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