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Thank you! The best thing in this dictionary that you can use it offline! But the fact you should switch the language manually a little annoying. Enjoy it!

Great for a beginner like me who needs to hear the pronunciation in order to speak the language so that the listener can understand me. Worth a go!

Good English. Give me more details what I need especially explain on specific field like construction or medical... Good

It's lagging and lacks some features that direct competitors such as memorising your personal list of words Marvelous

Best yes, but not stable It is the best VN-EN dictionary app but often crashes on Samsung phones. I wish it had more examples of the use of VN words. Pretty good

Love it Từ điển rất đầy đủ, giải nghĩa rõ ràng, phiên âm và phát âm rất rõ. Tuy nhiên app dễ bị crash hoặc tự tắt. Gửi từ máy android lg g3. Brilliant

outstanding This is the best dictionary I came across so far, it was really helpful for my day to day struggling with Vietnamese for the past 2 years. keep it awesome love it

Good, but UI should be better The keyboard should appear after ONLY ONE TOUCH like many other dictionaries. At the moment it requires at least 2 or more touches to get to the keyboard. Perfect!

Dictionary is very good,pronunciation clear. Sometimes it is crashed. Anyway,thanks very much Superb!

Very useful! I use this daily and it helps me much. Thanks to your works! But it'll be better if I can sort the words in my list. Awesome

Great E-V dict For a beginner, this is very useful to communicate with my vnese girlfriend. Since her English vocabulary has limitations, thus this is a great apps for now. Fabulous!

This app is good enough to use on every basic. Not hundred percent correct, search for the word 'awesome' you'll see what i mean Must have

So far, it's very good for what I need except, some times, it shut down itself, I had to re-open it again. Cool

Vietnamese Great app and very helpful, gets lots of use and helps our limited knowledge of Vietnamese. Enjoy it!

Đa dạng và có nghĩa chuyên ngành Rất khó tìm được một từ điển có thể dùng cho sinh viên kỹ thuật, đây là một trong số đó. Hy vọng nhà phát triển sẽ tiếp tục nâng cấp phần mềm thêm nhiều từ chuyên ngành khác. Brilliant

Góp ý thêm tính năng Bạn thêm chức năng hẹn giờ học từ vựng, bản động từ bất quy tắt, và bỏ quảng cáo lúc đầu vào phần mềm (400.000 Eng-Viet, Viet-Eng) để vào app nhanh tí. Cái đấy trước khi tải app đã để ở phần giới thiệu rồi, nên mình nghĩ ko cần nhắc lại. Thường khi đi dọc đường nhìn thoáng qua thấy từ cần tra, mở cái từ điển lên cũng mất 2 giây, thế là quên. Thanks.

Best dictionary I am very grateful to the provider of this software. It is excellent and very useful. It is awesome man.

Popup dictionary upgraded I love this app so much. It has many academic words, which are very helpful for me. However, i suggest that it should be upgraded to a popup dictionary, then i can quickly look up for words while i am reading ebook.

Very good Very good but i would be better if having pronunciation in offline mode and the meaning should be well arrange.

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