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My only problem with it is that the large red icons on the cards, Diamonds and Hearts, are shown in black like the Clubs and Spades. That aside, this is a fine, no-nonsense poker game, and runs quickly enough that you can fit in a few dozen hands into a spare moment in your day, and the double-up option adds to the excitement of big you play it safe or take the risk? Amazing!

Games fun I had to reboot my phone and lost 30,000 coins, tried to ask owner, but they are hard to deal with. I will not lose sleep over 16 buck's, they act like you are trying to steel from them Good

Remind me of Vegas It reminds me of the machines in Las Vegas loved it.the only problem is all changes that they've made it's not the same game it was before I don't enjoy playing it near as much too many up dates it has changed the whole game

Was great until... This was a great game until the latest update. Had over 20000 coins and lost it all with the update. Thinking about uninstalling and finding something else.

Sid At some point it stops paying. +/- 1000 is the only payment I get. Sincerely thinking of uninstalling the game

Brilliant Any chance you could make red cards only red, and black cards only black please. Many thanks

Awesome game Very cool. Just like the video poker machines. I feel like the cards are a bit repetitive though.

Bit too Basic A good game but a little too basic on the graphics & gameplay. But a good time waster none the less. Just wow

Not bad but dont care for it. All the suits are black very confusing. Plus no in app option to turn volume off. Plus it asks you every win if you want to double up. Needs a few fixes and options. I'll try back later.

Annoying flashing A massage keeps flashing across the screen. It doesn't interrupt game play but it is annoying and hurts my eyes. Led me to try to find a different app Superb!

Excellent Plays to true odds. Very good graphics and operates effeciently. Only small pop up ads when you are requesting more coins. Will recommend to friends. wow lol

Crashes on Nexus 7 My wife has never had a problem on her Nook HD, but every so often(2 or 3 times a day) it crashes on my Nexus 7. I lose everything I gained since it was opened. It would be interesting to see the logic behind the program, because I have seen 'interesting' results. Works perfectly

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