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It's so cool with all of the effects and different songs and all that, but what is tripping me up is that whenever I'm trying to make a video, it never saves. I've been trying to do the same edit for two hours now... It just won't work! Overall it's a great app, just please fix the not saving part. Thanks and keep up the good work! :) Works perfectly

I think this app is very good from editing video was making videos downloads have PPI video editor it has Bai videos animated stickers maja maja music videos music Perfect!

App is good..there,shoud be my fonts option in app for use custom fonts.. thanks Text animation should be add. There is a copy of this app in play store.. offer by tool box studio united States America..I m confused,which app is real..ok love it

Gud app but it should be more features like we can change the pic position etc and standing persob head cut down in thiz app Superb!

This app is fun to use both for motion and stills. At the moment I'm just experimenting. I think there are some limitations. But, I'm having fun. Marvelous

This app is wonderful... Helps create beautiful moments of life in own way... Love using it a lot. Enjoy it!

O think it very nice but one small problem when I make my vids and save it I don't see it Perfect

Great app.... But we can't adjust the video duration for our photo making videos & video templates also less, kindly update more templates... Perfect

I love using this app to make videos of the trips back home to spend with my family.. Great way to make my memories of the time spent with my family.. Has always worked great haven't had one problem yet and I have had it for a couple years now.. Great!

I love this but i can't go inside it What is the meaning of draw over other apps Amazing!

It's nice but where is the video saved after saving I don't get that and also unable to share it.... Omg

It's so cool,I can play around with plenty of's great fun.I loved it. Not bad

Love it!! It's one of the very few apps that works on my dogs. Just what I always wanted! Omg

Friends go the lumyer new app get that app maid blowing fabulous app superb effect and nice get that app ur sectified that app Great!

The app was awesome .Video editing was so easy in this app. I love this app very much. Marvelous

Its work is good but we can download everything and after dwnload it can then locked veirykg Flawless

Was working well the first few months then it didn't want to save my videos and now it doesn't work properly. Such a shame as I love this app. Bug fix please as I really love this app Cool

I love it when you make a video of something it's like editing something but 1 thing is that it has the name of the app at the end I don't really like that because then people on musically will copy you so plz don't have the name of it at the end.. Highly Recommend.

Love it tho I hate the fact tht I can nt add another picture wen creating MV video... Muito bom!

Well apps lovely but when you r saving it takes forever it does not save apparently I have been waiting for an hour and dot still was on 39 percentage so it's rubish all but flitters are so cool Surprisingly

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