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It was working fine until I got my latest roll and now the app keeps crashing. It keeps saying there's an error and to come back later. I've uninstalled and reinstalled a bunch of times, deleted cache, forced stop, restarted my phone and nothing will make it work. I was 500 away from reaching the 2,000 reward minimum. Great. UPDATE: Bug was fixed and I was able to reach over 13,000 points which I used to redeem a baby bottle warmer and still had a few thousand left over for my next prize. It arrived within 4 days, shipped from Amazon, and works great! Very happy with the app now. Worth it!

This app has alot of neat free items just waiting for you to redeem! Ive redeemed a bunch of them already and did actually recieve them!! Enter 126789 to get 30 free rolls and get started on redeeming prizes!!! wow lol

At first I wasn't impressed, but now I play it daily and enjoy trying to get the daily double every day for extra tickets. Must have

Overall I love verydice. I have gotten 2 redemptions so far and my last came the very next day! It does suck that sometimes the ticket prices increases without notice and sometimes by double but they do give you that disclaimer. It's FREE either way so can't complain to much. Plus they don't charge shipping which is awesome. Totally recommend. Awesome

I think this is a great app but I changed my rating. Now it is harder to get daily doubles. Before I would get them with 100 to 150 rolls and that was using the dice on 3x now it takes like 400 rolls and when using the 1 or 2x dice. The surveys have been giving less rolls too only 1-4 rolls per survey. Then sometimes i find myself missing rolls or rolls disappearing not to mention my favorites takes forever to load. I also complete offers and send in the screenshots and never get a reply back or even my rolls so please fix!still if you like free things off Amazon and having fun in the process then def check this app out. And feel free to use my referral code 1960602! It is slower now but still legit Perfect

You guys are amazing and the best but I order two stuff one is ice cube boll maker for 2,000 tickets and the other one is 20pcs makeup brush for 4,000 tickets I only got one where's the other one you guys only give me the Ice Cube ball where is my 20 pieces of makeup brush Must have

My sister told me to download this app because she wanted some rolls so I did and i love the app. I just don't like that I haven't been getting my rolls I've been doing surveys and watching the 30 second videos but haven't gotten them :( Recommend

this app actually works. It really is complenty free to get ANYTHING on here. All you do is open the app every 24 hours to get more rolls or you can watch some ads or download apps etc, i got a cute pusheen pillow holding a cookie for my friends birthday and it got to her in 2 days!! This comment might sound fake but this is all true and this app is amazing(-: Pretty good

I like this app. Has a bunch of stuff. But it could be a little easier to get the 300 ticket jackpot. & ANYTIME I try to search something or look at my favorites the pictures will not load. Works perfectly

I enjoy playing. I'm just not sure why the daily doubles jackpot never gets added to my ticket count. Well done!!

I love it! Everytime there is an issue it gets fixed quickly, im able to take surveys and build my tickets. Thank you for creating an awesome app and tending to whatever issue that arises. You guys rock!! I ordered two things last Friday, one came Saturday and the other came Sunday!! Thats less than 48hrs between placing the order and recieving them! Thats amazing!!! Thanx VeryDice!!! Still absolutely love this app, but how come my timer doesn't reset at midnight? Its still makes me wait the full 24hrs after hitting the doubles. Great job

New update sucks, search doesn't work and I can't view my past favorites. "Complete more offers" don't work half the time and they send you a link that don't work to attempt to get what you earned and don't reply when you complained about it. Otherwise the app is awesome. Wish they'd fix their partners cuz it makes it sucky when you work on another game for rolls and or watch tons of vids for nothing. But the stuff you get if you're patient enough is legit and that's awesome. Fabulous!

Its a good game as far as time fillers go. But you get, what, maybe seven dice rolls a day if you're not spending money on offers to earn more so that you're tempted to buy more rolls. Their prize products are things I can go to the store and grab for a few bucks so why would I spend more money on the rolls for the tickets to win the product than I would just to go and buy the product myself. 5 star

Love this app. Took me about a week to get 6000 points. I did a lot of surveys. I ordered something from there 2 days ago and got it today. The only problem I have with it is the basketball part. I dont even touch the ball and it goes flying. Also I didnt get the rolls for downloading a app. But the surveys and videos for extra rolls works great. Great!

Started out loving this game, I've already won a couple of things but lately I've been getting no surveys and my daily doubles, I got three times in a row didn't count. Not sure if it was the update that messed it up or if the game is just changing. Omg

I've got some good stuff BUT you need to fix it i don't get a whole lot of my tickets when I watch those videos. I would like to have all then you didn't give me. Then I can get the things I would like to order. You'd be a 5 star then. Works great

Really a fun game. Will have to do surveys, play different apps, and watch videos for extra rolls. They do have a daily spin that gives you between 1 to 10 rolls. Ive been doing this for about 3 months or so and have got a $35 nice speaker, and a cute outfit. Everything is shipped through amazon and is super fast. Tracking is provided. The only down fall is some surverys just boot you, and dont pay. I just keep moving on. But hey! Free is free. And they have some really nice things. Good

I absolutely love this app. I have already redeemed 3 things. I can't believe this is real. But the only thing I have to complain about is it has bee force closing a lot for the last week or so and that is pretty annoying and has caused me to not get a few of my free rolls. But other than that I love it and am very happy with it. I will add more stars if it gets fixed Marvelous

I love this app. Havent spent a cent and I've won 10 chokers, bath toys for my son, my favorite matte lipstick, 3 iPhone chargers and a phone case so far, over the course of 6 months. Only issue is I get cheated out of rolls often enough where its becoming frustrating. Other than that its insanely addicting.. and FREE STUFF. Like actually free shipping and everything! Earning tickets takes time but its worth it. Plus you can buy pretty much anything you can get on Amazon, through this app but with tickets. Sorry for the long review, but I felt it was needed. Well done!!

Verydice is no joke you build up the tickets you order something and it's on its way sometimes you get at the very next day but I've never waited more than 2 days Worth a go!

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