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Great idea, but stops working when my phone goes dark for a while. Music apps don't. Need to find out why devs! I've excluded it from battery management apps. Tried to refund, too late. But I'd rather see it fixed anyhow. Note 8. Superb!

Doesn't display correctly on Pixel XL correctly, but still rad! Desktop is wicked, will try on other devices. Great job

Not worth the money at the moment. The app stops working when the device goes to sleep, and the audio quality is terrible with constant stutters, despite being the only device an a wireless N network, and tests showing full speed and connectivity. And this is also with the "Net Quality" being set to "Very Slow" on both ends. Enjoy it!

Works fine, occasional drop/cut, had to connect to 5Ghz wifi to get stable playback on either latency setting...biggest issue for me though is it's inability to keep playing while phone is on standby/screen off. Will rate 5 if standby issue gets fixed. Perfect!

I have donated to the desktop version of vb-banana and am happy with it especially vban and now I see this app, wow.. I am no stranger to ip networking so I will use this way beyond so please add more advanced features like to stream out from device please please please. Flawless

Causes performance spikes when running in the background. Need to keep this app and screen awake to keep the connection stable. When device goes to sleep the connection cuts out completely. Amazing!

It cuts out regularly, but only for a moment However when it works, it sounds perfect. Also, it has a 0.4 second delay. Good

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