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Rating 5 stars to remove ads. Will probably give it 4 though if I wasn't conned into giving it 5! Perfect!

Good that it tests signal strength - what I really need. But the Cell ID information disappeared from the screen too fast for me to read it! Fantastic

I've tried installing a few apps before this. But I'm finding this one is much easier to use and is far better than the ones I've used Works perfectly

This app seems to work pretty well on both my tablet and my smartphone. The only thing that you should be aware of is that they offer to remove the ads if you write them 5 stars. That could well explain their High rating. Superb!

Provides good information about your internet connection although since this is an Android app and most devices connect through WIFi, if your broadband connection is fast it cannot measure connection speeds faster than the WIFI speed. Fantastic

I like the gui...its generous of the developers to allow removal of adds just by rating it Pretty good

Pretty good with explanations about what goes into your speed test and seems to be accurate unlike the one I uninstalled. Not bad

Decided to pay for it, seems very accurate,neat interface too. Not just a speed test either, other useful information too. Good

It's a an awesome Bandwidth Testing App. I love the coolers on the start screen. Definitely an app to download if you want a no nonsense App like this on. 5 star

Easy to use, fast results and appears to be accurate. Tried other ones that I quickly deleted.... this is a keeper. Marvelous

Great Design n Images ! Accurate ! Check Internet Speed anytime. Excellent Internet App. Highly Recommended ! Keep up the Good Work ! Good

I think application is by far 1 of the best apps out there to test your WiFi connection... I've been using this application for a very very long time.. and I feel that this application has always been right on!!! it's always very accurate for me... Great job

The app is great and accurate I love it because I can test my download speed before wasting my time on slow downloads and user interface face is great. Keep it up guys nice app Muito bom!

Great app, I like you can get rid of the ads by rating it. Tried many others but this one is by far the best. Try it and you will see what I mean. 5 plus stars. love it

Great app .simple to use has a few nice b r lls and whistles but I like some and intuitive Enjoy it!

Great app. Simple to use has a few nice b r lls and whistles but I like some and intuitive love it


Love it Great app to have, it gives you peace of mind when your phone starts running sluggish Pretty good

This app really helps because it tests your ping, your download speed, and your upload speed. Once its done with that it will tell you the average numbers for stuff like this so it will tell you if its good enough and it will also tell you thinks that could be a factor that effected your performance like having a bad connection or not having alot of things connected to your wifi at the same time. All around a really good resource. Great job

Many more features after you unlock the app (pay) which is very much worth it for true speed results. Specially for 4g connections. Edit: Still using this app now on my Galaxy S7 Edge. Still think it's the best most accurate speed test application for android. Test all your connections. Wifi. 3g. 4g. Even the older GPRS connections very accurately. Worth a go!

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