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Use this app every time I feel things have slowed down with my connection and it works perfect Fantastic

So far this is one of the best apps ever created for me to enhance and monitoring my smartphone mobile data and wifi system. To the administrator, please keep it up and do your best to make this apps works as best as you can onward Thank you very much... Brilliant

App doesn't look like much, but it works. Great for quickly testing your connection. Not bad

This app is seamless and easy to use. For just one click of a button you'll know your internet speed Worth a go!

Internet speed test for android Get this speed test app. Cool looking graphics. App is very Accurate. Tells you how to improve speed. Plus it is free. Update 4/20/2017 . I have this app for many months now and it is still the best of the best speed apps available to use for android. Highly Recommend.

Was consistent with other highly rated apps, but had fewer visual distractions and seemed to be faster Fabulous!

Happy now? Forcing us to rate 5 stars just to remove the ads. If this app wasn't so great I'd delete it and use neotel speed test on my laptop again Fabulous!

I think it is just the best app to check the true speed provided by your internet facilitator. Muito bom!

very good app! speedtests seem quite accurate in terms of different speedtest apps Fabulous!

Incredibly featured App. I can get anything info about my Android handset & internet connection configuration. Thank you Speed Analysts. Muito bom!

Accurate, great graphics. Easy to use, a must have app to stay informed of your internet status.. Works great

I really like the user friendly ui! A lot of info and accurate. Will be using this app quite a bit... good jod! wow lol

this app gives excellent review to help with ur speed compare to what ur isp said ur getting Marvelous

Love the feature that tells you what towers / network your using like AT&T, T-mobile ect. Amazing!

Great graphics cool atmosphricals about this great app which shows you the better broadband providers xxx wow lol

Works great does what its supposed to do and the readings are very accurate it's the only one I trust good job guys Works perfectly

Just installed the application and man the readings for the download and upload are right on and the interface is very clean and easy to use keep up the good work V-SPEED.EU wow lol

Just installed the application, I will let ya'll know how my experience with this app goes. Hopefully it will help me with the problems that I'm having with my phone. Pretty good

Easy to use app. Would give 5 stars, but sometimes it takes multiple tries to get a more accurate result. The ability to change theme is a nice touch! Good

I like this app because it's accurate and tells me that my cable company is cheating me of my speed that I pay for Perfect!

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