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Very simple to use. Gotta give my cable company a call for faster wifi. Good tool. Works perfectly

Love this app, I am happy I was able to prove to my cable company I want receiving what I was paying for. Got them to fix the problem. Works perfectly

Fast and simple although suggestions on how to fix speed problems would be useful Go well

Needs more information. Just saying good signal isn't good enough. And how about a diagnostic to tell me how I can improve my signal. Cool

Seems to be accurate, fast test of mobile or WiFi connection speed. Plus you can remove ads for free by writing a short review like this one. B-) Works perfectly

It's is actually a rally good app it works very well but it takes a lot of phone dater Well done!!

Does what it says on the tin. What more can you want. I do hate the flashing spam at the bottom though. Enjoy it!

This app is awesome cuz it lets me see how fast my nat is moving you need that rent comes to GTA online:-) Great job

When I have issues about speed my isp asks me what test I used. As soon as I mention this app they say "oh". Lol. Love it! Brilliant

Just doing five stars to remove the add, though it does look pretty good to be fair Enjoy it!

Excellent. First run seemed low, but a few tweaks and all was well. Simple and easy to understand interface. Superb!

Very good. The user interface is easy. I love it. But for mobile data properties of the data-disabled sim (sim2) is showing and the data-disabled sim (sim1) is ignored. Please correct it. Brilliant

Great my cable providers guarantee 100 mbs but I'm only getting 39. They're gonna hear from me Go well

Does wat it says it can. Can't ask for more than something working the way its supposed to. Thanks guys! Flawless

I really apreviate the result when i undergo a test.....gud luck the team more power.... Omg

Exceptionally accurate free program let's at clubs so close to what I measure it out on my computer from the server 10 miles away it's unbelievable best app there is Worth it!

Don't no how accurate this app is but it could be in the right ball park tried other apps with readings wildly inaccurate Works great

I use it from time to time to check my speed and track prolonged periods of either progress or degres of the app and it's capabilities and user experience. Brilliant

Good app less ads than other speed check and checks router and devices for problems Fantastic

I'll rate 5 stars for no ads any day... but put ads back on it will change this soo fast love it

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