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You can actually get faster Data, uploads and downloads by running the tests two or three times in a row. Perfect!

A very unique color combination, also give detailed system info...very pleased and highly recommend! Brilliant

I love the fact it gives you the real speed from the server not your network. Also the option to remove the ads is a game changer. Great app. Great job

I really like this applcation because of the gauges that are used, and the great explanations of the readings. I am not very tech. savy, but this makes me feel like I can have, and hold, a conversation with my internet provider. Amazing!

Just downloaded and ran test. Seems to work and will do more testing with it in different areas and settings to see if it legit. After that if I'm still happy I will rate 5 stars Good

So far it seems to be working and doing its job.. but I just added this application . Must have

First impression, it does what it's supposed to do. No problems. If I get any future issues I'll update my review. Works perfectly

Seems to work well at identifying causes for slow speeds and giving accurate results problems operating..and most importantly removing the ads are..wait for it..."FREE"... i know it's awesome .. a lot of other applications should follow suit.. Well done!!

Although apps is very good and informative. But why you are making this so color full and dark environment. It is not looking sober. Please change the background. Marvelous

It helps understand & get one ovr internet companies who hav so calld 250 mbps packages i kno i was trickd by xfinity got the 250 mbps dl speeds package & my dl speeds aren't no different the only change was my upload which peaks at 40 mbps so ya this app does hlp Cool

Remove Ads... Thanks Excellent App.. Highly useful & fastest one . BRIJ MALASI Go well

Still a favorite. Works flawlessly with my Android devices. Keep up the beautiful programming. Not bad

Does what it says on the tin. What more can you want. I do hate the flashing ad at the bottom though which tries to frighten me by saying storage is full when it patently isn't​. Nasty! Surprisingly

the signal meter is good, really need it for making complaint to my service provider rofl. great app Amazing!

Love the feature that tells you what towers / network your using like AT&T, T-mobile ect. Just wow

Useful for when something is going on with my internet and my laptop is of no use to me. wow lol

this app is very like an awesome if you want to test your Internet speed nothing is better than this app enjoy dudes Recommend

Just what you need when checking your wifi speeds. "Does what it says on the tin" Awesome

I use this app to test any network I'm on to double check if it's my hardware that needs some fine tuning or a certain network. Works great, and I haven't had any inaccurate readings. Great!

Work's, easy to use and by leaving this review (a forced 5, which can be deceptive behaviour) I get rid of adds free. All in all, a solid 4 imo. Highly Recommend.

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