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☆♡♡Great one.Fast simple and easy to use.looking for more special tools and gadget. Amazing!

Great looking app really does the trick. Love how it compares your network speed reading against the UK averages. 5 star

It works okay. Still need to add a way to change servers as a lot of the time it uses a server that's no where close to me. If I want to speed test to the UK or Japan I'll use my home pfSense router to run those tests. Just wow

Don't love it at all, but had to rate five stars in order to get rid of ads. This gives such vastly different results than Okla speed test. Okla reports 228mbps, vspeed reports only 48 mbps. Something ain't right.... Pretty good

Nice app...Look & feel...Accurate speed (not sure) but near to all other app. Recommend

Use it for a long time now and it is very reliable. Really easy to use and great features Pretty good

Its very good all. Can easily check my connection speed and cpu usage. Keep up the good work Great job

I use this app often to check my connection speed when I think it's slower than usual. Great!

I like what it says after its result. Its like giving you an idea what you should do to make your internet better... Worth a go!

Thought I'd double check my playstation 4 connection was at its best so downloaded this and the results were pretty much the same Perfect!

In my area where the signal is not very consistent,this app helps me schedule and regulate when the best time is to stream great! Omg

Very easy let's you compare your current speed with the fastest speed that you have gotten Perfect!

This is awesome. very useful support all servers from underground world of Hacking. hahahah. Thank you :) Good

Love the info that it gives you & that it test the strength of my mobile data. Marvelous

Great app. Was able to test my signal, verfy laxk of download speed and have issue corrected by my sevice provider. Awesome

Very lightweight application find resources very accurate allows you to do retarded well design Worth a go!

seems accurate,where do you get an average on on test. download tested at 14.7 av 28.9 just curious Superb!

Ar good app for android antivirus. Very useful. Keep going to the best. Not wasted you if download this app, can sapoort u & keep safe for your fon. wow lol

Very easy to use, I find it 2 Be real useful and getting the most out of my data Muito bom!

Works very well, also test signal strength which is one of the main causes of WiFi drop outs if low! Recommended app. Good

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