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Besides the speed test it also flag's high CPU usage which helped me sort my phone out Not bad

Great App for checking your internet connection. By moving the position of my router It gave me the best position and strengh. Highly recommend Worth a go!

It does provide fairly accurate speed test information. And does provide some accuracy to system usage. Even using the Cellular Tower function of this app is fairly accurate. There can and will be some differences in speed based upon connectivity. And not all apps similar to this including this one are completely accurate. But it does provide enough insight into what speeds are like before usage begins. This is recommended for the user who wants a simple application to use for Speed Test Diagnostics. Surprisingly

looks like it does the job, would just be nice if the result archive would remember IP and network @ test Brilliant

Does the job ,if it remains ad free rate will remain 5 if not it will be reduced Great!

This app does what it says it does. Gives you a true result weather on the NODE or OPTICAL. I Checked it out multiple times and with the NBN tech at the home. We had the same results. It works true. Try it for your self, its free and easy. I wish all apps ran as true as this. PLEASE CHECK FIRST if you are on the OPTICAL or the NODE, IT makes a huge difference. Good luck Fabulous!

So far it's good. Haven't tested much but feel it's giving accurate results. Keep on improving. Good luck Not bad

This app is great and it's almost dead on I run a different speed test on my laptop and this one is so close to the other job well done guys Works perfectly

Accurate and a Quick response. The Ads are a bother but they don't influence the results. Go well

It gives me what I want & it looks pretty doing it. What more could a grown man ask for??? wow lol

Very lightweight application find resources very accurate allows you to do tests well designed Enjoy it!

Wonderful app Helps in knowing the real time download and upload speed within few seconds Brilliant

Great internet speed test app. More or less same results as internet suppliers online test. Perfect!

Just installed, on a Tablet. Appears to force Portrait Mode when I prefer to use Landscape Cool

It gave me true speeds,almost exactly same as my built in speed teater already on my phone. So i trust this one unlike most ive tried out which is like 20 or more!also perfect on my ellipsis 8hd tablet and its always right in my area. Awesome

Beautiful user interface. Perfect layout, smooth operation. Accurate testing. Access to statistics log & phone system details is big bonus! 5 star

Wow.. speed test with unique interface and simple to use.. its usefull too.. great job Amazing!

It gave me true speeds,almost exactly same as my built in speed teater already on my phone. So i trust this one unlike most ive tried out which is like 20 or more! love it

Hope this is accurate,all the apps give massively different results,so far so good! Not bad

Does what it says on the tin. Probably as accurate a speed app as you'll find for free Not bad

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