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Practical Plain, simple, and accurate. This software is pretty straight forward, and gives great results. Two thumbs up.

Samsung Galaxy I installed this app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet. I love it; in fact I am thinking about getting the ad-free version.

Great app Over all I've used two apps to test my Internet speed and both said the same thing. For some reason the highest it would go was 9mb. Then I found this app and it gave me my true speed. Great app thanks devs Good

Jack Amin This is a superb apps for verifying your internet speed providing from your internet service. Works great and accurate too. Surprisingly

#speed-test Really good! Does what it's supposed to do. Classic theme is way cooler than the new blue one. Nexus 7

#speed-test Awesome app! Great app love it... Used to have to go onto speednet to test my wifi at home now i can do it quickly on my phone... Great awesome app!

The best!! This us the best Internet speed test app! Works great and offers accurate results.. Recommend to install Internet Speed Test APK.

Love the new UI and the old one... hard to decide which I like ...! Love the new UI and the old one... hard to decide which I like better. The new standard in speed tests.. Recommend to install Internet Speed Test APK.

Need old icon back! Thanks for the option to switch to old interface but we need old icon as well. New icon is ugly. Recommend to take Internet Speed Test APK.

Best speed test app on android but ugly design! Just that, this is the most precise speestest app out there but the look and feel is getting worst. Recommend to get Internet Speed Test APK.

Great app! Smooth and great looking. Better the that other company. Thanks for your hard work. I will get all my friends to get your app over that other company.

#speed-test HAPPY DAYS! Great app now I can tell those idiots at EE exactly what speed I'm getting HAHA thanks :)

Great app, some accuracy probs though! I'm an IT pro and love this app. Great config. Options. DL speeds are reported lower than my actual , off by abt. 1000 kps, UL & ping dead on. Highly recommended.

great! wow!! it's true, i will reccomend this apps to my friend very usefull.thanks and god bless you. i'll give you 5 star.

Good! Decent speed test, enough settings to make me happy, but I wish it had the kB/s measurement.

#speed-test Keep sending us great updates 28 Mbps d/ and 6 Mbps u/! GREAT APP LET'S YOU SET HOW LONG TO DOWNLOAD TEST AND UPLOAD TEST. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY MEAN BY HOW MANY CONNECTIONS. STILL AWESOME APP !!! 24 Mbps down and 4 mbps on speed net :-(

#speed-test Good.! Good app. Better than speed test. Note: does take lots of data (i.e. about 10mb per test at highest connections).

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