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I love VLive but lately I can't watch anything because it buffers every few seconds!!! Even when I don't press any hearts Perfect!

I like it a lot, and it's really good in general but lately chemi beat has been giving me some trouble. I keep dropping levels or it gets stuck on one date even tho several days have passed, so I don't know which level I really am... Maybe it's just my account or my phone, but it's still pretty annoying Fabulous!

Both local and international fans could get in touch with their idols in just a few clicks! There are minor bugs but this app is really helpful for the K-Pop fans all over the world. Worth a go!

I purchased BTS BON VOYAGE 2 but lately at least two of the videos in the package cannot be played. It was fine at first. I don't know since when the problem has occurred. I think it happened after I updated the app. I have tried to uninstalled and installed the app again but still didn't work. It says either the broadcaster has problem with internet connection or it brought me back to the home page everytime I click on a certain video. Please fix this. Perfect!

This app is really helpful specially for international fans to interact with their idols... but I have a problem now. I cant recrive any notifications even though it's turned on ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Marvelous

Idk this app was working great but after some months when I wanted to watch some video it hung the sound is still on but the video hungs in one part!! I loged out & log in again but it still doesn't help!! Worth it!

Didn't get notifications in first place. Then I went to advanced settings and enabled notifications alternative and it finally worked Must have

I saw this app view on youtube so i decided to download it but until the problem began, i didnt really think i needed to login to an account so i pressed on a live video but it told me to login with the apps shown below which was (Facebook,Twitter, Etc) but i dont have none of them and my parents don't let me have facebook or Twitter or any of the apps so im just asking if you can add Instagram and Snapchat so i could login with those. That would be nice. Must have

I reckon it's a good app but my only problem with it is that I don't get notifications when a live broadcast starts so I miss out. Which really pisses me off Recommend

I saw this app on YouTube and i wanted to get it so i could see BTS but it won't let me sign up with my Twitter 3 Fantastic

I like using the app, however I don't like how the leveling up system (chemi-beat) is now since they've updated it. No matter how many videos I've watched or how many times I've gone to a channel that I follow, it seems to have gone down. Since they updated the app I went from level 7 chemi-beat on the BTS channel (the one I'm most active on) down to a 6 with no real reason. If they could fix that part of it that would be great. I wanted to give this app a 4 or 5 but because of this I considered giving it a 2 or 3. Please fix the chemi-beat system. Works great

The will not let me follow anyone. I uninstalled the app came back after about 2 months and still can't follow anyone. Recommend

Well... it's ok for me... but I loved it cuz v live has improved the heart tap. And I can tap more heart for Monsta X. I ♥️ MONSTA X!!! Fabulous!

Annyeong! The V live app is a great app. But as a user I hope for the next update some of videos will have a subtitle. Kanshamnida! Go well

It has English subtitles so it's great. For those who think there is no subtitles, there is you just need to explore Good

Greatest app ever but one thing i hate on this app well im watching bts live here but i cant understand what theyre saying they need to add a eng subtitle so that people that doesnt know how to speak korean like me can understand Brilliant

I love this app a lot! We all can watch our kpop idols from different corners of the world♥♥ Flawless

I can't really "login" I have none of the following apps to "login" and if I downloaded any of the apps I in trouble because I can't get those apps I'm apparently "to young" Just wow

After updating,the channel has no subtitles even i already change the setting many times, pls help me fix it Surprisingly

I really love the app. I like how we are able to watch our favorite kpop idols on the app.♡ Superb!

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