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Great for watching lives and other broadcasts but WHY does my level for BTS keep dropping even though I watch all of their videos... while my level for other people keep going up even though I don't watch anything from them or do anything on their channel?? Seriously the statistics are a joke if you compare them. Worth it!

Hello , how are you doing ? I really love this app , but since the last update Vlive doesn't translate the videos anymore. I don't know what happened! So please help me! I can only see the videos,but really don't understand anything because I don't have translation. I will 5 stars if you fixed this problem! After that , everything goes well! love it

IT IS AN AMAZING APP WHICH I REALLY REALLY LOVE. But, 3 stars cause of some recent problems. Its not updating correctly how many videos I've seen everyday. I see plenty of new videos everyday from my favourite idol, but the number of videos I've seen remains the same. Therefore bringing down my level and Chemi-beat, which makes it really frustrating. Please fix it so it updates the correct number of videos I watch everyday. Cool

I love this app and I used to get tons of notifications from the groups I'm following. Now I don't get any notifications and I'm missing out on the people I love the most. Plus when I watch some live stuff it loads every five seconds even though I have perfect connection, so I don't know if that's my problem or your but please help. Amazing!

Please fix the ranking in chemi beat. Our ranking/top gets lower and lower even though we're sharing, visiting and watching vids everyday. Our ranking doesn't increase at all Great!

Your bias is here~ Sometimes do live and give you beautiful content~ but Vlive spend too much data... more than that other free streaming apps Enjoy it!

HEY!! DO YOU WANT TO DIE?!!! I'VE SPENT LIKE HUNDRED DOLLARS for you and I couldn't get a hold of my fave idols????? You see, I got notification of popular!!! groups but not my so lowly underated group!!! I love my underated groups or you could say group that you haven't treat them better in this world. They deserve much love. What are you????!!!! Recommend

Why is it so hard to rank up. I spend 1hr+ everyday liking, commenting, sharing, watching videos and I either have no progress or I go down a level. My stats (video, shares, visits) are 10000x better than someone in Top20 but I'm only ranked 110. Makes no sense. Omg

Wht cant i watch vlive+ wings tour concert..... i paid for it. But the things kept on saying the vlive app is not working. Why..... Marvelous

My App Keep Crash when i try to open BTS Final Wings Tour Concert.. i can't watch that video... Worth a go!

I want to complain that why there's no better quality for certain channel. I mean my friend can watch it just fine with higher quality but as for my device there's only 144p. I hope you can fix this. Thank you. Worth a go!

I really love this app, but unfortunately I cannot give it 5 stars. There is a bug where whenever I try to add my birthday, the app shuts down and says V Live has stopped working. Please fix this problem if you can :) Fantastic

I like how I can watch videos of my favorite idols but...every time when I try to set my birthdate the app stops. And the app is kinda laggy... Recommend

I really love this app but lately I can't watch any videos, it doesn't play even the videos that I purchased doesn't play also. But whenever there is a live broadcast, I can watch it real time. What's happening V-LIVE??? Please fix it asap.. Worth a go!

I am neutral right now, in giving a review. I have had Vlive for the longest time and i loved it! Lately though, i dont know if its just me, the app keeps on shutting down and restarting. What is the problem? I have sent a report twice. But, it is still happening. I dont think it is being resolved. Also -- how come i am not getting any notices for upcoming Vlives? I am subsribed to BTS Channel+ and I used to get them. But recently, I see twitter posts about upcoming ones but when i check the Notice Tab, there is nothing there. There used to be notices listed in there. Now i dont see the purchases i made that are upcoming too. What is wrong? I have tried resetting the notification settings but its not working. Surprisingly

It is amazing that you get to interact with your favor idols . Everyone around the world can seet hem and the English subtitles are put on extremely fast. I also noticed that there are more then just English subtitles there are different languages too so everyone can understand. I love than you can show your love multiple times the your favorite idols. Go well

I love this app so much. At first I was having problems following kpop artist but I fixed it. I just had to check my Wi-Fi So if you don't have with you can't really follow anybody. But if you do have Wi-Fi and it's still not working check your Wi-Fi connection Worth it!

The app is lovevly. But, I recently purchased BTS day party video. It just won't play. Every time I try to the app crashes or says the broadcaster has internet issuses. Please fix this. I would very much like to see the video soon. Muito bom!

Never had any issues with the app though, it's just that there's download the video thing but there's no real way to download it, or is it just I dont really know. Anyhow, nice app to keep up to date with k stars. <3 Awesome

I rlly love this app.I get to see my favorite kpop idols live and i rlly recommend this to kpop fans. Especially BTS グッ!(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Worth it!

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