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Can make translate such twitter app Works great

Only 144 resolution available for me. I cant watch anything since the images are distorted way beyond comprehension. Worth it!

My chemi beat keeps on lowing everyday even though I am pressing too much hearts. I don't know why this happens. Well done!!

I updated it already but I still don't get notifications even though it's already on. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling again but it still won't work. Must have

I love v live as it helps me keep up with my favorite kpop artists. However, I'm not a fan of the heart sign that you can tap blocking the screen. Well done!!

I like this app but the thing that i dont really love this cuz u need to be a memeber first to watch other vid.But i like this so much thank you. Fantastic

i love this app. but i hope you can add in new update a screenshot button. thankyou 5 star

I love this app but PLEASE MAKE ALL SHOW AVAILABLE IN ALL COUNTRY. I cant believe for some exciting & important show like Seoul Music Award is unavailable in certain country & this is totally absurd. I love vlive because of it's global-ity but now urgh. I dont know. I just mad at this issue. Please do improve. Thanks. Marvelous

I really like this app. But I'm eating it 4 stars because I never get notifications and I always miss BTS have a live stream so please can you change that. But other than that It's a great app and I would recommend It wow lol

3stars because I cannot view BTS Wings concert final, I have tried so many times to view it and the app either crashes or says the broadcaster's internet connection is unstable. The live notification also comes in very late. Please fix it. Surprisingly

Best place I found to connect to idols I love to know about.. ! Amazing!

I just want to know who made this app because It's so cool P. s. if V created this you guys are so talented Must have

The app is great and seriously entertaining and useful but last week it stopped and i don't know why, it's after I've used my mobile data in order to watch a live stream and after it. My vlive app doesn't work anymore, it shows check network connection. Please help me fix it. Fantastic

I love the app but can not give more stars the new updated suck always freezing when tapping hearts fast or slow in live or replay. It always pop up feedback, wait, or close app while tapping hearts it don't matter if I am using WiFi or 4G I still get the same message and the freezing still happen. Please fix all the problems or downgrade back the original version which was fine in the first place we all where very happy with old version. I tap alot of hearts and share the video and I have only moved backwards which is weird. Enjoy it!

I love this app but I have trouble watching the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III The Wings Tour The Final. I can watch the rehersals but not the concert itself... V app will automatically shut down. Whyyyyy??? Superb!

The new update buffers every few seconds and there is always a connection error whether it's the broadcasters or mine it was much better before Pretty good

I don't know how but it unistalled itself from my phone ......also it tends to not open at times or close. Fabulous!

i love this app as i can watch videos of the idols i love. I just dislike all the work you put into leveling up, than leveling down when you arent active for a day at least — no matter how active i am, i level down. it updates and says I wasnt active at all when I was, i do everything the "help" page says. I just dont understand.. Muito bom!

V-Live is amazing and I love how I'm able to connect with fellow fans and watch my favorite groups; however the only problem I have is that for whatever reason, it won't let me follow my favorite groups Marvelous

Is the app trying to teach me how to telepathically communicate with my idol's account to know when its going live? Because the notifications either never come or come after the live ends. The app should've just been upfront and told me it didn't wanna send notifs on time so i could've started developing my powers earlier on. (uninstalling then reinstalling doesn't help) (before the tiny cute hands update it worked fine) 5 star

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