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I downloaded this for Bts but the problem is you have to do a bunch of stuff to sign in. If you want to watch a video but you have to be signed it, I suggest click on the share button, and download the video. Worth it!

It's great. Only if we could arrange the videos by time. It's really hard if you want to watch an old video. And if we could make out own playlist or save playlists it would had been great. Plus there is no way to know if some one comments in your post or even replied you. You get no notifications. This is something that really needs to fixed. wow lol

The older theme was better. The new theme looks boring. Everything's white. It didn't look like a legit videi app at first lol. But I like the new heart button. It got better. Love how I can leave hearts w/o the chat box suddenly appearing. Omg

Its a really good app I get to watch all the videos what I want but ever since the update the chemi beat doesn't update no matter how active I am which really sucks Go well

I livethe new version but why v-live don't have subtitle or translations..i really need that because I want to see run BTS Works great

PLEASE CHANGE THE DESIGN BACK TO HOW IT WAS. the new design was, truthly, more smooth. but the heart button is so ugly. the hearts don't flow very smooth and my phone isn't lack. the 'live' label is ugly with a little black square as a background. overall, is the new update good? for the function, yes. but the design? no. wow lol

I used to love this app but not after the update .. keeps on lagging when pressing hearts ugh. Annoying. Pls fix. Thanks Fantastic

Doesn't look the best The new theme, you can say, is not that pleasing to see. It looked much better before, rest everything is same . The apps is more cheaper loooking. The moved heart button is a good upgrade though, hope the colours could get better in next update. Muito bom!

I'm in love with the app, but I think the chemi-beat system doesn't work with VPN; because I only can access to the app with VPN, but since that day my chemi-beat is dropping no matter how active I am. Could you please fix this problem? I already went from level 7 to level 6. Works perfectly

I love how much I can watch on here, it's a great app! Recently though, I think since the last update, the videos I'm watching seem to stop to buffer every few seconds, which didn't used to happen before! I've tried pausing for a while to let it load, but that doesn't seem to make any difference :( If this wasn't a problem, I'd definitely give it 5 stars! Worth it!

i wish this app has that button where we can go forward or back for like 10 seconds. without that kind of button, its pretty hard when we want to replay a certain part of the video. but overall, this app is great! i laff it! Must have

I think it's a good App for the kpop fans to get recent update of their fav groups..However it's streaming for live videos is very slow.For this reason,I once uninstalled this App.But again I installed it for the videos.. Worth a go!

When 1080p content will be available on mobile devices only it's available on pc Perfect

This is my fav app bc we're able to communicate to our idols via live streaming and some variety show esp " RUN BTS " it is fun Worth it!

Its useful for who always what to watch theire idol ! I love to see GOT7 live so i love it Flawless

i rly like vapp but ;; i was wondering why i hadnt been moving anyway at all no matter what i do and i thought it may just be because of the people around me but... vlive keeps eating my comments -- i went back to vids i JUST commented on and everythings gone ;;; Pretty good

The quality in the videos is just.... great. I really do think that this app is really nice especially because of the closed captions. So, any fan around the world can enjoy special videos from some of their favorite idols and be able to understand what they're saying. It's really convenient and also because the captions are made by actual people who do know the language so their is a better chance at the captions being a little bit more... Accurate. It's definitely 5 stars for me. I love it and I hope you do too. ^~^ ♥ Cool

I liled this Vlive Application Amazing!

5 STAR's Good

I've been having problem to receive any notice for any upcoming videos. It keeps on showing " No notices. Retry" but when I reinstalled the app the same thing repeats. Can you please fix this as I'm a Ch+ user but it will be a waste if I could not enjoy the benefit of it. Thanks. Great!

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