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I love this app, but its giving me trouble. It won't let me put in an email nor follow any channels..please fix or help. Not bad


I enjoy the app so much!!! But I think my chemi-beat function is not working........i continuously watch the videos and live but the chart said i did not ranking keeps falling for months.......i hope you can fix it asap Perfect!

It freeze during live broadcasting and sometimes just crashed. So pissed! Broadcaster connection is also bad at times that it crashed and I have to restart the whole video again. Please fix this issue so that all of us can have a smooth and enjoyable time watching the videos! Thank you. Awesome

the app is good but it doesn't give me notifications when some of the channels i follow go live or post a video. my notifications are turned on tho. i only get the notification when i open the v app- kinda defeats the purpose of having notified tbh Perfect

Love this app! Now I can simply watch my favourite idols live without having to search for replays on YouTube. Thanks alot! Awesome

Why vlive is not working vlive say unable to access network For more information see help what can I do? Good

I've been using this app for almost a year and lately, I've been so thrill to reach Level 6 since it only takes a little more chemi-beats to reach from Level 5 to 6 but then again, when I opened this app yesterday, it seems that my Chemi-beats been decreasing from apparently no reasons at all.. Like why I'm slowly to be demoted to Level 4 again? I'm so confused.. Maybe this app have some bugs on it.. Please fix because I don't wanna be demoted back to Level 4. 5 star

I think the app is good, but I think it would be great if we could make play list for our favourite videos instead of scrolling/searching for them. Also it would be great if we could add some kind of book mark thingy, in case we leave a video unfinished, we can just watch from where we stopped. Fabulous!

I love this app.. It connects me with my fav idols... It will be perfect if we can get eng sub when they are airing live .. I can't watch live with them coz there are no sub's... But I know its hard to be that way... Highly Recommend.

Why this app limit there comments??? I was not flooding comments but . . . Every 2 mins. I make sure i left a comment to the live video that i was watching . . . And what the hell . . . This app is limiting or blocking may comments . . . I felt bad bec. This is my fiirst time using this app love it

We need a subtitles. I always watched my korean idols but i don't understand what they said. I think it's better when u add a subtitle while doing live! Thankyou! Works perfectly

Why is there always a "temporary error occurred" it's been like that FOR MONTHS i can't even watch anything anymore please fix thiss Not bad

This is a good app but one thing is pls put some english sub because we cant understand what are they saying pls put sub Cool

I am so pissed with the app. During live broadcast it keeps on freezing! And then suddenly crashed. It has to be improved with the number of kpop fans using it. This doesn't happen on my iPhone. Just on Android. I just don't understand. I am using the Huawei P10 Plus device with Android v7.0. In case that helps. Amazing!

My chemi beat keeps on lowing everyday even though I am pressing too much hearts. I don't know why this happens. Please fix before the chemi beat goes lower. And also I am at level 7 but when I see my comments at live, it shows level 4! Go well

Hello ! This app is great but i dont know how to switch on the translation/subtitles (though my translation is activated) it is not working. What to do? I really want this app to work with translation. Aww Not bad

Can you please make it possible to create an account with just an email not like facebook and stuff ;; Great job

I have purchased vlive+ but I can not watched bts full concert. Please fix it. The subtitle is too small Recommend

Super great. But when I'm watching a video, it keeps buffering and loading even if my wifi and network are fine. So that's one of my problems. Next is about the Channel+, it is an advantage for others. But it is a disadvantage for those who do not avail it like me because we cannot, or we are not allowed to watch exclusive videos of our idols. It will just show you the preview for about 30 secs. Then it will end there because you should have a Channel+ account. And its sad for me. That's all. Hope you consider this. :) Fantastic

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