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I love all of this Vapp feature but for a better used for someone as broke as me, please and please make a subscription fee affordable like subscribe for 24hrs, by weeks or pay for each vid..... lastly thank you very much for this app, i love it... hope to love moree in the future Go well

Great app! Such a good idea to be even closer to your favourite artists (Korean and Vietnamese). Since I follow a lot of channels I would like to have an option to add some videos to Favourites or to organize channels and videos in my account. Thank you. Flawless

My device just got a firmware update. From Android nougat to oreo. After the update, I am not receiving notifications from my V Live app. I already tried the alternative advance settings of the app in case i still don't receive notifications even after resetting the certificate. Please check on this. My device is still Huawei P10 Plus with OS v.8.0 (oreo) Just wow

Hi this is a great app amd perfect platform to interact with our favorite celebrities... But i am facing an issue, i am not getting any notification for vlives.... Enjoy it!

Doesn't matter what I do, my level isn't increasing! I have WEEKS stuck in a level and I'm very active on the app! I don't know if it's just me! I've even increased 100k chemi-beats in a short amount of time and I'm still stuck! Superb!

I think this app is really good and fun! However, I would think having English subtitles in the videos would be more understandable. Otherwise, it's amazing! Pretty good

It's a great app, love the videos! But when i watch them, it keeps lagging, even tho i have good internet connection. Go well

I really love this app, but I don't think the ch+ are fair for all users Worth a go!

How to fix this problem?? when im trying to play a video it says that "The broadcaster has an unstable connection" I have a strong connection Worth it!

I really like this app but I realised that no matter what I do I seem to be stuck at level 5 with bts and it isn't even moving a bit for a veeeeery long time coild it be bcs they have many followers or is it bcs of the app? because back then it wasn't like this. Now it seems like the chemi beat is never changing Great!

Hi Naver team. Cellular Data users are having hard time watching videos and live through the app,tho we can watch through the website it is better if the app can get fixed Fabulous!

Sorry but I uninstall it coz I realize that kpop is not my thing anime and vocaloid is Perfect

I love this app! Especially for keeping up with my favorite kpop groups. In a newer version there should be a Chromecast feature, that'd be great. Awesome

I love this, thxs u so much to made a new metode for us n star to meet. Btw other channel, please add eng sub at their video too. Like junsu n jaejong. It sad to watch but internasional fans like me not understany anythingnthey say Must have

A great and useful way to keep up with and stay in touch with your favorite idols! ❤️❤️❤️ Go well

I can't even give a proper review 'cause apparently, the app doesn't like me. Whenever I try to stream a video, the video glitches out and I can't see anything. I don't mind going on VLive using my laptop, but I kinda also wanna lie down while watching 7 angels known as BTS too- Great!

The app is really good and all but please update your reporting service. Haters can go in freely in idol channels and can spam hate mesages during live broadcasts as well as they can also make hate posts in the fan section. At least when the true fans report these haters, terminate their accounts. Yes, haters can make another account but fans will never stop from reporting them to make the fandom experience hostile-free and fun, and also safe & fun for their idols. Marvelous

It's an amazing app. I can watch my favorite kpop stars here and there but I'm not good in korean yet so having translated stuff would be useful. But overall i love it 5 star

The best live broadcasting ever! Don't worry, it's cute. Don't listen to others saying that the new theme is not cool, "the heart button is ugly" it's cute! ang arte nyo ulol. Great job

Its great to catch up on different thingss.Especially Kpop. I watch all the Run!BTS episodes on here. But the annoying the is ik trying to log in on my new phone and its really confusing and hard. I've always had trouble logging in. Fantastic

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