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It's great I just wish that when you first log in you don't have to use a different app. Really? I have to use my webtoon info just so I can subside my obsession of bts? (#bangtan forever) That sucks. I wish you could just use your email. :/ Works perfectly

Can you fix the problem?it always says the broadcasters internet makes me mad so much like its hell why i install it if this is what always happen Well done!!


It keeps saying 'the brodcaster's connection is unstable' something when my connection's fine. Can't play videos at all. Please fix this. Thank You Not bad

I love the app and the new future that u don't have a heart limit is great but after a while the videos are lagging every 20 seconds and it's really annoying because u need to replay those 5-10 seconds which u didn't quite see and so does a 5 minute video take much longer to watch Highly Recommend.

It's freezes on me, freezes on loading screen, takes to long for subs for certain groups. You guys sure no how to pick favorites one group takes 30 minutes sub time the other group takes over 10 hours and counting. Worth a go!

Good channel to view your favourite kpop idols and groups. Most are free except for those +channels. Very very very good! Highly Recommend.

I would have given it a five but when I try to watch a video it keeps on saying "A temporary error has accurred Good

I love watching my favorite idol's videos! I don't have any problems with the app except that sometimes it crashes and skips a day. Great job

I'm sorry can you please tell me. I updated vlive a few days ago, but after I update the vlive whenever I watch the live broadcast must be an error Pretty good

A suggestion is to have 'Font Size' feature in the app for the viewer to control the font size through 'Settings'. The Subtitle font size is 'too' small, and can strain eyes, dulling the viewing experience for "Subtitles" or foreign viewing fans, hence the three star rating. 5 star

In the January,my Vlive app doing great but since March come,every time I want to watch BTS Run it always said "The broadcaster's internet connection is unstable". Even in any channel that I wanted to watch this always happening. I already report this,you said I need to re-install it (I did),I reboot my phone (I did),I check my connection and it's okay. Why is this happening? Just wow

Please its always stuck on level fix it I am at level 3 and its said now 0 why!!? And i tern on the sub but there's no sub why Great!

I've just installed so I'm yet to see everything but I noticed the language option has US English but not UK English which is the standard English in most countries. Please make that available. Highly Recommend.

Can you update it to where i can play it off the tv plz and where we can get notification when someone comments on it plz but everything else is good Enjoy it!

My android version is 4.1.1 and I understand why its not working with my phone. I hope that there will be a chance soonest, that I may be able to use this app. Works great

I've just installed so I'm yet to see everything but I noticed the language option has US English but UK English. Please make that available. Not bad

V live app is an easy app. This is a app where we can stay in touch with our kpop idols. Moreover there are English translations which is very needed. Omg

It's good . But why the fan feed doesn't have notifications ? I should get notified when someone liked or commented on my post . That way more interaction is possible . Please look into it . Good

Great app ( cause I m a bts army ) but I m not able to set the resolution. I set it on 480p and each time I play a video it comes in 270p. Like I don't understand wat to do. Love your app♥♥ Surprisingly

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