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Muito bom!

Great to get cashback on gas purchases. I drive a lot and I already earned over $25 in just over a week. It is limited to certain gas stations so it might be out of the way for some people if it is not on your route Good

Easy to use and shows you the gas prices around, so you can easily to save some money. Also the cash back is not bad sometimes Amazing!

A coworker recommended Upside and within two months I have earned $16. Not bad at all for gas I need to buy regardless! Worth a go!

It's great for gas but noticed that for restaurants and groceries it doesnt apply to Fl.. will it expand in Fl as well? Awesome

Love the savings! Saved over $10 just for buying gas in the first week and a half. I love the option to deposit the money into PayPal anytime I want. Everyone who likes to save money needs this app. Everyone has to buy gas and groceries so why not get cash back for doing something that you do everyday anyway? Fantastic

I have been living this app since I got it. But now I got a new phone and when I try logging in with Facebook it says "GetUpside keeps stopping." I just had to get gas and was unable to login to scan my receipt, and now I'm worried if it continues to not let me in, what happens to balance I have now? Works great

Love the app and the fact that I actually got money back for these outrageous gas prices.. bam dammit Not bad

It's great to get a little bit of a return on an expense that you can't really avoid. It's helpful for finding the best price for gas in the area and allows to me earn some gas money in the process. Perfect!

An app that gives you cashback just to buy what you normally would have to buy anyways. It's super easy to use and it's awesome to see the cash back pile up. Worth it!

It was great but then now Everytime I get gas I only get like 2cents off and I can already get that using my bp rewards :/ lame in the beginning it was like 8cents which was awesome that only lasted like a m onrh Surprisingly

I love the app but recently noticed that my cash back has reduced and the people I have referred are receiving different discount prices in same area, why is that Just wow

I logged out so I could log back in and add the promo code I forgot to use when I signed up a few weeks ago and I lost the $7+ I had already accumulated. The app works great. I'm saving an average of $1 to $2 per fill up but now I'm out my $7. That's not fair ***Update*** I sent an email as requested. ***update*** my issue was resolved!!! Excellent customer service!!!! 5 star


What more do you need when you can get cash back (Not Points) on something that is a necessity unless you drive an electric vehicle or not at all. Quick and easy to use APP. GetUpside and GetItNow!!! Flawless

Excellent App... Love saving on gas with rising prices. Highly recommend if you like saving money... However if you like to throw away your money then this app is not for you!!! Enjoy it!

I think this is an amazing app for people that like to get advantage of deals. Only thing i would like is to allow me to filter the gas station by brands aswell. Works perfectly

Great way to save money on something that you're going to buy anyways. Now you can upgrade to plus or premium, without having to pay list price, per se. Great job

Great app!! Just one note, if you use a rewards card, like a shell rewards, it will not give you the upside discount. It will adjust the money to the shell rewards. Won't let you combine both. Just wow

Thank you! This app is good. My 1st fill up I earned $6+. I'm down with saving money! Muito bom!

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