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Great app, I especially appreciated the consice plan. Good way to keep track of your training even for disorganized people. Fantastic

Really like this app. It reminds me every day to get my 10+ minutes in. I feel the ache the next day so I know it's working and I can modify to Incorporate heavier weights, or more reps if I need to. This guide though really helpa keep me on track! Flawless

Nice app, friendly to use and fun exercises. However it would be nice to see an overview of exercise per day rather than one exercise at the time. I like to see the routine I'm going to do before starting it, per day. Marvelous

I loved it..but if this is connected to google fit app..Then it will be great...Please consider it to link with the Google fit.. Thank you Great!

I do like it,but there's something missing,I don't have dumbbell,but it is ok☺ 5 star

I like the intesity and the slowness of each workout, which really work the muscles. Fantastic

4 months postpartum. Great for me! All you need is 10-15 minutes to yourself at home. And surprisingly challenging Pretty good

It would be nice to know what exercises I'll do so I can know how to do them. The other workout apps are better (buttocks and abs) Must have

I really like this app, but I wonder if there is a way to see which exercises are up in each day of training. I couldn't find it, so it's like a surprise each time I start the workout Fabulous!

It does jump up to a greater demand slightly fast. If you're new to this, remember pacing according with how you feel. Works perfectly

It makes me breath hard but I dont feel any burn nor do I see a difference in my obesity. I am not sure this works properly like other apps do Omg

A very nice app , with exercises that we can choose from. Very good for exercises at home. Muito bom!

I never write reviews but thought I should give credit where it's due. Well done for making this awesome app Brilliant

I love it! When I do one day of arms at the gym then the next day I use this app to I do the arm workout. It gives me just the right amount of time to rest and the perfect burn. I know it's working and I can always pause it and do more of a set if needed! Same goes for the chest/back or full workout Omg

It's fun & a great way for a beginner like me to stay motivated! A very good app! Just wow

Love the app, just wish there was voice over to tell you what move is next so you dont have to keep looking. But love that each one is a little different and it counts slow so you hold each move. Amazing!

With this app I don't get bored and distracted, stretching a 10 minute workout to 30. Superb!

its a good workout but not very beginner friendly compared to the other apps created by this company. would he nice if they included the odd tip here and there. My arms feel like noodles after im done but im loving the results so far. Thank you for challenging me! Pretty good

I love this app it is really helpful Must have

I have been doing these workouts on this app for about almost a week now and they are very helpful. Great app! wow lol

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