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I love the UP3. I love tracking my sleep modes and recognizing what works for or not so i can get better sleep. I love syncing with fitness pal for food tracking too. My first UP3 the strap broke after more than a year of use. I have brought another and have kearned to wear a little loser so not to pull on strap so tight and i still get great feedback and tracking... love it

The Up bracelet has broken and Jawbone will not talk to me. Bracelet was charging today and showed I had done a 3rd of my recommended steps when I wasn't even wearing it! That's the easiest exercise I've ever done!! Not recommended. Sleep part of app is good though. Flawless

Good app when used with up3 fitness tracker. Very good for sleep tracking and step counter. Food diary log isn't so good so have gave up using that part of it but doesn't matter too much. Mainly a good app that works well Enjoy it!

Tracks with healthy wage step challenges, otherwise is not something I would ever use. Samsung step counter more effective and is data dump for this app. So not a great start, using another app to work. Sometimes really stupid comments given as coaching. Amazing!

Continual problems with the band, sleep tracking is frequently wrong (I would know if I got up for an hour! Band seems to run down more quickly than anticipated. Because of problems, wanted to completely wipe and restart, could never accomplish. Recommend

Same problem as others in that after 18m of problem free use my band stopped recording and syncing. Have now got another as I hate the bigger bulkier ones and have no need for my tracker to tell me what my phone is doing. I also use mine for motivation in dealing with a heath issue. Will use up for as long as I can get them. Hope the company will continue to support it but am worried they are not interested in keeping the band Go well

Die Synchronisation mit dem Band dauert seit einiger Zeit ewig. Das war früher viel schneller, es dauert mittlerweile fast 10 Minuten. Außerdem ist es etwas nervig dass dabei das GPS an sein muss. Das war früher auch nicht der Fall. Fabulous!

I love the UP and the things it does. I love how it tries to keep up with sleep, and how it does blood pressure and different things. However, the way it connects to the wrist is not the best strategy. I lost it July 28th (it come off my wrist) and found it yesterday Dec. 24th. Please come up with a more secure way to fasten the UP to wrist. Great job! Works perfectly

I have been using UP in one form or another for about three years. I have seen significant improvements in the software, firmware, and hardware. It's unfortunate that Jawbone is discontinuing hardware development, but assures that software updates will continue. As others have stated, there is no continuous HR feature. I only use the sleep and activity trackers in the app. If I was trying to lose weight, I would use the calorie portion as well. The app is a great motivator for me and I use it daily. Worth a go!

the one thing i feel is lacking in this app is that i cannot replicate meals. i make a lot of things at home and i have to manually enter all the ingredients. I wish there was a way to "copy" all the food i entered for the next time i ate the same thing. Flawless

I do really like this app, however, in terms of tracking sleep patterns which is the sole resion I bought my Up device I am disappointed. I need to be able to easily view the history to find a pattern. It did let you look back but it is cumbersome and doesn't function well. Surprisingly

The best sleeping details. The rest is a good average step tracker. Food tracking is not a easy as myfitness pal. The smart coach is lame and can be annoying. The best part is the silent alarms on the wrist band. Really the only reason I haven't moved on. Perfect

The app was much better before update. Checking heart rate is so inconvenient now. Also app has a lot of UI defects. It is easy in using, devs just fix these annoying defects!!! Amazing!

Ok app but if it looses connection to the up and If it kust has no step count for the day it gives the same error. It can be very hard to determine if there is a hardware problem. Otherwise it has a nice interface Flawless

I actually really like the band. The features are what I wanted. It's small and sleek. My son bought his first and 3 months later it wouldn't sync. He did everything recommended. No luck. Contacted support. Phoned . Emailed. No response. Finally Amazon came through and reimbursed him. He purchased a different band and I still have my Up3. 9 months later he finally wss contacted about the problem. 9 months later Works great

Great for the price. I just wish it had a time display. It tracks sleep including rem, deep, & light. Works perfect for that. Also tracks steps. The tips can be annoying. They are supposed to be encouraging. Some i find useful but most are not. Maybe they are better for others. Amazing!

Liking it so far, it pushes me to get going and sleep enough. I hate it when things dissappear and you have to re install the app 5 star

Wouldn't be so bad if the silicon band didn't break after 6 months or if Jawbone had thought of a way to fix it (I would have bought another bracelet to keep using the device). Sleep tracking is a bit creative too - sits on the desk the whole might and next day says you had 3 hours deep sleep, 4 hours light sleep Pretty good

Update - After the latest software download version 7 for Samsung Edge 7, my up will not connect to my phone. I checked blue tooth settings & the error says the Up3 is rejecting connection. I don't know what do! My band is starting to beak again. I wish i went with a different tracker. Enjoy it!

I wrote on 26 oct that there were problems with data updates and sync. Now it seems fixed. Thanks, but just one note.. customer service is non existence. So in future when things happen again, where do we go? Not bad

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