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Up! A great step, sleep and heart monitor. I'm on Up3, and it's sleek and easy to use, but a couple of sharp edges. Superb!

Loving it!! The UP2 is nice to wear, light & comfy. I usually hate bracelets. The App is super easy to use and I love being able to log naps, food and other activities easily to count it towards my day. The support from the coach is great and I love the tips that it gives. The nutritional info on the food is pretty good too but I find it limited with healthier foods & juicing, but maybe I need to look harder.... Ive lost 5 lbs so far just by being more conscious of my daily activities and food intake. Perfect!

Good app. Bad UP3 I have been using it for almost three months now and some days i really hate it. The battery on the UP3 sucks. It tells me i have 7 days before recharging, then by day 4 it becomes unresponsive and have to put it to charge. I have called customer service about the issue before and were nice but the "fix" they gave me did not work. So I'm stuck with an expensive tracker that only works half the time. And i can't say i have an old phone either. LG3. It's frustrating Pretty good

Sleep tracking is amazing. Step tracking and partnering with other apps like Runtracker is totally my jam. 7 days of battery life on my UP3 is better than icing on the cake. Can't recommend this app and their sleep fitness trackers enough! Well done!!

Great Product! I've been using a Jawbone for quite a while and most of my friends now use it too! It's sleep tracking is great, and me having a thyroid problem I like the fact that I can keep track of my heart rate and easily see if it's on the rise. Keep up the great work Jawbone! Fabulous!

Informative, intuitive Easy to wear wristband, you'd hardly know it's there. Sleep report particularly informative, didn't realise how poor my sleep patterns were, now able to address. Worth it!

Helps me sleep better Intuitive app, easy to see patterns that help me learn what changes to make to improve my sleep. Smart coach tips keep me motivated! Recommend

Exactly what you need. The features you want are there. It works consistently well. I've had up since last may and still think it's great. 5 star

Great app in general But where did simplified food tracking go? I used to have it, but it disappeared a few weeks ago. Hope it's just a bug. Go well

Love all of this app! Only 4 stars because I don't think the steps are accurate. Fantastic

Great colourful app So motivating. I sure hope jawbone survives so that their servers keep running. Otherwise this app won't function from what I hear. Worth a go!

Just wish access can be accessed offline It gets too clumsy when i have to switch on everything (internet access, location, bluetooth), even if I just wanna check what have been uploaded already. Muito bom!

Works fine Good battery life. Very intuitive at knowing what I'm doing so can wear and forget Fabulous!

Keeps me honest! Some days I feel like I've been REALLY active and UP gives me that reality check - I am reminded that mental stress and exhaustion does NOT offer the same health benefits as getting up and MOVING:) Just because I am feeling tired, I still need to get those actual steps in! Not bad

Up The best app ever I love the Up2 if yall need to update please clear your cache and cookies before so that you can have this successfully done. Brilliant

I love how easy it is to track eat sleep and exercise, it is an eye opener on well being. Cool

Says that filmware is out of date. I cant update my app shows no sign that update is needed but jawbone website states that my bands filmware is out of date. I tried steps on help and user support but dont know how to fix this issue.tracker filmware 1.3.20... Flawless

Durability of the belt is a issue Enjoyed the way it monitors my sleep and my activities. Had with me for 4 months and it's quite fuss less. Only issue is the durability of the belt.. it doesn't last and already torn in a few places which I have to superglue it back. I consider myself a very careful user.. hahhaha.. seems like in no time I need another new set. Perfect!

Up is great! I love this app and the band! The app is perfect. I think that the one for iPhone is a little better than the one that I have for my samaung, but it is still really great. I do wish that they would add the restaurant feature to the android version. The band is awesome as well. The only problem that I have is that it unsyncs quite frequently, if it does not resync then you have to force stop the app or restart you phone. I am not sure why it is doing this. The band is comfortable and easy to use and charge. 5 star

Overall a great app! Updated review - I bought the UP2 to be able to track my sleep. This function seemed to work well but often it is impossible to update sleep times once you've got up. adjust sleep times although it seems the last software update improved the tracker's capacity to know when you're actually sleeping rather than just lying. Love the health research tailored to your data which provides a great incentive to improve. Brilliant

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